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Jan 19 2018

10 places hiring right now – Houston Chronicle, companies hiring now.#Companies #hiring #now

10 places hiring right now

The unemployment rate might not be falling at the rate politicians and economists would like, but there are still plenty of available jobs around. Here are 10 companies looking to hire hundreds of new employees right now.

CyberCoders: The company finds qualified applicants for companies in the technology, finance, accounting and health care fields. The recruiting firm has more than 1,000 job openings, including dozens in the Houston area.

AT T Retail: The cellular business is heating up with dozens of new smartphones on the market. The surge in demand is causing AT T to search for more than 1,000 new employees.

IBM Corporation: IBM might not have the hip culture of Google or Apple, but you can t argue its place in the technology world. The company has more than 1,000 job openings, including a few in Houston.

UnitedHealth Group: With an aging population, the health care industry is ramping up hiring to meet the increased demand. UnitedHealth has plenty of job openings, including more than 1,500 jobs in Texas.

Macy s: Houston s downtown Macy s might be closing, but it doesn t mean the company isn t hiring. Macy s is hoping to hire more than 800 people across the nation, including 27 spots in Texas.

Johnson Johnson: If you ve grown up loving Johnson Johnson s products, you now have your chance to work for the company. Johnson Johnson is hiring more than 560 people across the nation, with 24 openings in Texas.

Verizon: Like AT T, Verizon is seeing a surge in demand for cellular devices and the company s other hot commodities cable and Internet. Verizon has more than 1,000 job openings, including 89 in Texas.

Ernst Young: Financial companies took a hit during the financial crisis, but many of those companies are hiring as the economy picks up. Ernst Young is no different. The financial company has more than 400 job openings, including 50 in Texas.

Amazon Corporate LLC: Amazon is a leader in online shopping, and the company is hoping to hire dozens of people across the nation. The company currently has 482 openings, but there are only two openings in Texas.

Waste Management: The Houston-based company is looking for dozens of people. Across the nation, Waste Management is hiring 202, including 59 in Texas.

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