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May 30 2017

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AAA Private Student Loans

Private student loans can help pay college expenses after all scholarships, grants, and Federal loan options have been exhausted. It is recommended that students use Federal loans to fund their education before considering Private student loans. Click here to learn more about financial aid. For borrower questions or to apply, contact an Education Loan Specialist at 1-888-422-2536.

  • 0.25% Auto Debit Reward – 0.25% interest rate reduction during repayment, when payments are set up for automatic debit from a bank account.
  • Zero Origination fees and competitive interest rates.
  • You can cover up to 100% of your cost of attendance (COA) less other financial aid.
  • No payments are due until 6 months after you graduate or enroll in school less than half time.
  • 15-year repayment term.
  • Students who are US citizens or permanent residents.
  • Students who are enrolled and making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in a 4- or 5-year undergraduate or graduate degree program (eligible schools are listed in the online application).
  • Students who pass a credit check (a credit-worthy cosigner may be required, depending on the outcome of your credit check).
  • Students MUST complete and return Self-Certification form to lender.

You may qualify for Federal student loans. We encourage students to exhaust Federal student loan options before applying for a Private student loan, as Federal loans are often less expensive and offer the widest variety of repayment options.

All loans are subject to credit approval. Lender is Discover Bank. Equal Opportunity Lender.

In all cases, interest rates and loan fees vary and are based upon borrower and/or cosigner (where applicable) credit profile, and other underwriting criteria. See our Rates and Fees page for Annual Percentage Rate (APR) examples and other important information about our Private student loans.

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