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Sep 30 2017

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About Us

High Risk Merchant Accounts Services

High risk merchants are service providers who may experience high turnover, an increased risk of fraud, and/or high credit rate. In some cases, a business may be considered “high-risk” and require high risk merchant accounts based entirely on the nature of their industry, no matter how legitimate the operation is. Often, a merchant does not realize the risky nature of the industry and may be turned away from a bank or experience high cost per swipe fees. Below are some industries in which a business can often benefit from working with a high risk merchant account provider, a full list of industries is available on our FAQ page.
For those companies that have been labeled “high risk”, it can be difficult to find a merchant account provider to work with for convenient credit card processing. If you’re the type of merchant who falls under the umbrella of “high risk” services, it would serve you well to work with a provider that specializes in high risk merchant accounts. Setting up a merchant account can even help businesses grow their revenue through the availability of more products, increased sales, and protection from fraud.

Work with a provider of high risk merchant accounts to ensure that your customers can complete transactions in a safe, secure, and affordable manner.
O3merchant Services, is the industry leader in high risk credit card processing. We welcome all merchants regardless of current credit score and have a 99% approval rate.
International & Offshore Merchant Accounts
If you need an International, Offshore, or even a Canadian merchant account we are the provider for you. If you need to process in a foreign currency, our gateway is what will make the connection between you and your international merchant account to allow for prompt credit card processing.
We deal with many Offshore and High Risk merchant accounts. We also offer Canadian merchant accounts and are available to the Canadian Market.

Our high risk merchant accounts and high risk credit card processing solutions are simple and affordable. If your business model has an above average risk of chargebacks or financial instability, a high risk merchant account may be the best option moving forward.
Working with a high risk merchant account provider like O3merchant Services can allow merchants in ecommerce, adult entertainment, and other “high risk” industries the opportunity to safely accept credit cards for payment and serve the customer base as they expect to be served.
It’s important for merchants in any industry to offer customers the option to pay via credit card.
It adds legitimacy to the business and makes for more convenient transactions for paying customers. If payment is tricky or the process feels insecure, a potential client may take their business elsewhere. Don’t let that be a reason.

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