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May 31 2017

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Total purchase price

If you’re still making monthly payments on your current vehicle, follow the instructions below to find out how much purchasing power you’ll have in today’s auto market.

1) Click on the ‘Total purchase price’ button on the right.

2) Complete the items on the left. Use your keyboard’s tab button or your mouse to click into each of the following fields:

  1. 1. Monthly payment
  2. 2. Term in months
  3. 3. Cash down
  4. 4. Trade allowance (check Kelley Blue Book value if you don’t have this info)
  5. 5. Amount owed on Trade

Your estimated purchase price will now appear on the right and at the top. If you don’t want to assume a higher monthly payment than you currently have, choose a vehicle in this price range.

New monthly payment

If you don’t currently have a car payment, this area will help determine what your new monthly payment will be. Don’t try to crunch the numbers in your head-use this calculator to determine the monthly payment amount for a variety of auto prices and loan terms.

To calculate:

1) Click on the “Monthly payment” button on the left.

2) Complete the following items in the right column. Use your keyboard’s “tab” button or your mouse to click into each of the following fields:

  1. 1. Total purchase price
  2. 2. Interest rate
  3. 3. Fees (taxable)
  4. 4. Fees (non-taxable)
  5. 5. Sales Tax Rate

Your new monthly payment will appear immediately on the left and at the top.

Graph it

If you’d like to see a graph of your results, the graph calculator can plot it for you. Click on the “Schedule” button to see how much the loan principal will decrease over the life of the loan. Enter several different loan terms in the column on the upper left, and then click on the “Terms” button to learn the impact that a longer or shorter loan term could have on your monthly payment amount. Use the “Down payments” button to create a graph depicting the effect of different down payment amounts.

Before you head to the dealership and try to explain your needs to an eager salesperson, use this auto loan calculator to help you determine how much you really want to spend. By taking the time to review your options, you’ll be better prepared to select the auto loan that’s best for you.

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