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Apr 27 2018

Aviation Careers Podcast, aviation careers.#Aviation #careers

Aviation Careers Podcast

by CarlValeri on November 20, 2017

Aviation careersIt has been a few weeks since we last spoke and much has happened. As many of you know I was away doing two very important things in my career, giving back and moving forward. By giving back to the aviation community I volunteer as the coach for the flight team at Polk State College.

We recently spent a week in Auburn, Alabama competing in the Region 9 Safecon. What is Safecon? What is NIFA? And how does it affect my career? Well, I’m glad you asked. We will discuss this shortly.


Remember to visit Facebook.com/AviationCareersPodcast to see where we will be and when you will have a chance to meet me or one of our co-hosts. Our next planned event is January 24th to 27th, 2018 at the US Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida. Remember to check facebook since we may have some last minute events pop up.

The new 2018 Scholarships guide will be published soon. One thing we did not expect is how many people like the online directory. We heard your feedback and will be offering an online directory but as a separate website with stronger search capability. Stay tuned for new details. In the meantime, you can still purchase the book online at Amazon and in the iTunes. Store. Visit AerospaceScholarships.com to learn more about how you can purchase the guide.

NIFA, Safecon, and Recurrent Training:

  • What Is NIFA?
  • What is Safecon?
  • Polk State Flight Team Results.
    • 8th place ground trainer Andrew Costello.
    • 3rd place tie Clay Whatley and Andrew Costello Preflight Inspection.
    • 9th place Computer Accuracy Marshall Richmond.
    • 7th place Computer Accuracy Clay Whatley.
    • 9th place Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation Clay Whatley.
    • Message Drop:
      • 3rd place Tyler Moore and Marshall Richmond.
      • 2nd place Marshall Richmond and Zack Martin.
    • Navigation:
      • 10th place Jake Sikora and Ismael J. Jimenez
    • Power Off Landing:
      • 3rd place Tyler Moore.
  • Visit Polk State Flight Team Page at https://www.facebook.com/pscflightteam/
  • Why it is important to involve yourself in more than just flying to move forward in your career.
  • Networking at target rich environments.
  • Recurrent Training and how it affects the rest of your career.

Pick Of the Week:

Aviation careers

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