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Sep 30 2017

Bachelors Degree Program #quick #bachelors #degree


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Bachelors Degree Programs:

You can apply in this program if you have a biblical diploma or an associate s degree in any concentration biblical or secular. You will take 11 courses in your chosen concentration and earn 33 credits, which will earn you Bachelors of Biblical Studies degree.

Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS) Degree Program

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS) is a Bible degree.. It combines an extensive foundation of Bible study with practical applications and consists of a core of biblical studies. It is matched with degree concentrations in various areas of Christian vocations.

The BBS program is suited to learners who desire to earn a degree by studying the Bible and its applications to life and ministry. You need 87 biblical credits or biblical diploma or an associate s degree in any subject to apply. If you do not have the required 87 biblical credits, you can earn them by enrolling in our low-cost accredited bible college one-year program at www.aisom.org

Majors include:

Ministry Leadership with concentrations in the following

(Click on concentration name to see course listings)

Once you have decided on a degree concentration (Click Here To Apply )

* You do not need to be in a degree program at ACU to register for individual courses

Course Tuition:

Undergraduate: (Bachelor s)
Online: $198 per 3 -credit course

Discount 2 courses $300 saving $96

Discount 3 Courses $450 saving $144

Discount 6 Courses $1000 saving $188

Complete bachelors degree program
Only $1,500 (after $678.00 discount)

Prospective Students:

Current Students:

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