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Sep 19 2017

Best Criminal Lawyers in San Antonio, Texas with Reviews #san #antonio #criminal #lawyer


San Antonio, TX Criminal Lawyers

I was in a car accident several months ago. I was injured and could not work because of the accident. I saw on TV about fixing wrecks and I made an appointment with them. From the first impression, I knew I went to the right place. Attorney Baez sat down with me and explained the entire case to me. His staff set up my claim and worked my case. From time to time, they would check on me to see where I was and to see if I was still hurting. Once the doctors released me, I got my settlement quick. Now, I am pain free and can go back to work. They fixed my wreck!

San Antonio criminal Atty. Jam.

San Antonio criminal Atty. James ( Jim ) Wheat was there for me in my darkest hour. And though the System kept throwing continuous punches at me and my disposition within the situation, Jim hung in there with me thru Hell. I know for Sure, other Atty’s would have run for the hills but Not Jim – I fully expected the system to go for my jugular in court but he kept them at bay and we ultimately won our case. Nothing I could ever say or do could ever be enough for a man who turned out to be my Guardian Angel.

The knowledge, skill, and determination of a successful outcome by the team is second to none. Thank you for everything. I received a dismissal on my case after 6 months of work and dedication even though my case was court appointed his team still worked for me like I was paying millions. Best thing is that you get Mr. Ruiz not some secondary lawyer who works under him. If he is in the office he answers the phone. He is the only lawyer you need. His staff is knowledgeable, kind, and just as skilled. Thank you George and Candy.

Best Criminal Defense in San A.

Best Criminal Defense in San Antonio James Wheat is the kind of lawyer you want in your corner when the system is stacked against you. James understands the wear and tear on your mind, body and soul can be overwhelming at times, and he proactively works to protect your rights, and to preserve your future. He really came through for me and I’m grateful to him.

Really helped me out. Said he liked me and would execute a will for half of his usual rate. Professional and actually gives a damn about his clients, which is different than pretty much any other lawyer I’ve ever been to.

I am so glad that I saw your commercial and I visited with this law firm. My son’s case was handled very professionally by Mr. Baez and now, I have my family back. Thanks for all your hard work for my son and my family.

Great work ethics. Goes the extra step to get you what you need in your situation. Stands up for his clients. Very reasonable on his rates. wonderful team..

Great Attorney for any Criminal Defense matter in San Antonio, TX. Tony really knows his stuff.

FANTASTIC ATTORNEY, and will hire him again, great staff, they have their act together!!

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