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Jun 12 2017

Best Zero Percent Credit Card Offers – New Credit Cards 2016 #get #credit #report #for

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Top Zero Percent Credit Cards 2016 Review New Offers and Deals

Review the top Zero Percent cards for 2016, updated November 1, 2015

Everyone loves 0% credit cards and the longer the better, some banks are now offering zero percent for all of 2016! That provides awesome savings opportunities and can help you go from six, to twelve or eighteen months of zero percent interest, a fantastic way to save money!

For anybody who uses a credit card regularly, zero percent interest is music to the ears. It s a grace period offered by companies interested in earning your business and it can do a lot in terms of saving you money.

Make Sure You re Qualified

If you don t have outstanding credit, it s in your best interest to get it. Work on improving your financial health by working with creditors, paying bills on time and being smart with your money. Maintaining good credit means you can jump at opportunities when they present themselves, thereby improving your financial situation on a continual basis. Also, sometimes contacting the credit card company you already carry a balance with can reduce your interest rate. Since this is a highly competitive industry, the company may be willing to offer you a deal in order to avoid losing you as a valued customer. If you re having trouble qualifying for a new zero percent interest card, call the company you already do business with. View Additional 0% Apr offers here

How to Find the Top Zero Percent Credit Card Offers

Regular Rates Apply At Some Point While it s nice to spend when you re looking at zero percent interest, remember that your balance will carry over after the introductory rate. Shop around for a card that won t burn you later on with extremely high rates, otherwise you may be doing more harm than good. Many consumers consider the zero interest period to be a shopping spree of sorts, rather than a time take control over their debt. However, the zero intro rate can be an excellent time to make necessary purchases, and even larger ones if you play your card right.

Review the Top New 0% Offers from top banks and card providers in 2016 To Get The Best Deals

Pay Attention to Fees

You ve got to be thorough when looking for the top zero percent credit card. because fees can come up that you weren t prepared for. Consider offers with fees attached if they improve the big picture for you financially, but try to get the longest introductory period available. Calculate what you would be paying under existing circumstances with your current card(s) versus what you could save while the zero percent terms are in effect. Even with a balance transfer fee of around three percent, you should end up way ahead of the game.

Have Good Intentions With Your Zero Percent

It is nearly always a good idea to move your money to a place where it works harder for you, or to switch to a bank or credit card that saves money. However, you can really take advantage of the zero percent deal, by shifting debt and redirecting payment options. Take a bill that you pay the most interest on and move it over to the zero zone. Pay more on it than you normally would, so that by the time you return to paying interest, a large portion of that debt is wiped out. You could also use that time to purchase just about anything that you need, such as basic necessities, pay off the balance quickly, then start a new savings program for yourself. With a little creative thinking, you can really put a zero percent interest rate to work for your long or short-term interests.

Finding the top zero percent credit card offer is almost as good as finding actual money. You know that feeling you get when you see a 20 dollar bill fluttering in the breeze and realize there s not another soul in sight? Do a little digging and get the top deal for you. We ve got the summers best credit card offers, helping find the top banks offering zero percent offers all the way through 2016 and now into 2017 with 18 month card promotions for 0% APR.

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