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Aug 31 2017

BlackBerry 10 Open to Third Party MDM Vendors – Tom – s IT Pro #blackberry


BlackBerry 10 Expanding to Third Party MDM Vendors

BlackBerry devices open to other MDM vendors. What does this mean for the company and its customers?

The company has opened its BlackBerry OS 10 to third party mobile device management companies. AirWatch by VMware, Citrix and IBM will be some of the first to work with the newly opened OS in developing MDM solutions for the devices. While the move is aimed at expanding the use of the struggling mobile company’s OS, it could provide benefits to mobile environments over time.

AirWatch, Citrix and IBM, among other third party enterprise mobility management companies, will be given access to BlackBerry 10 APIs used for controlling the three activation modes: BlackBerry Balance, Work Space Only and Personal Work Space.

BlackBerry Balance is a catch-all management mode that can be used for BYOD (bring your own device) and corporate owned personally enabled (COPE) environments. Work Space Only mode locks down the device for regulated corporate owned, business only (COBO) mobile environments. For tightly controlled environments, most likely found in regulated industries and government organizations, there is the Personal Work Space mode.

BlackBerry points out that third party MDM solutions for BB10 will not use the BlackBerry Secure Infrastructure or Network Operating Center (NOC), as such, third party MDM providers will essentially be remodeling a house on an existing foundation.

So what exactly is the buyer getting out of this?

“The benefits of working with the BB10 OS is to extend the Citrix XenMobile platform to all devices that enterprises use for mobilizing their workforce,” says Chris Fleck, VP of Mobility Solutions and Alliances at Citrix. “This allows XenMobile customers to secure and manage different device vendors and support multiple OS platforms with one management interface while providing end users with the flexibility to choose any device.”

In the end, what this move from Blackberry is doing is increasing the diversity of the MDM market. Time will tell how the third party solutions will stack up against BlackBerry’s existing EMM solution, BES10. However, if you already have investments in BES10, rest assured the management solution is not being abandoned. Learn more about BES10

“It’s important to clarify that our goal is to remain number one in EMM. And BlackBerry continues to be the leading multi-platform provider with more customers than the top three competitors combined,” said John Sims, President of Global Enterprise Services at BlackBerry. “With BES12 planned for late this calendar year, we will continue to support iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS devices.”


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