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Jan 31 2018

Blackberry Extractor

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Blackberry Extractor

1 click solution to extract data from your blackberry backup

Blackberry Extractor is an as easy as it gets , 1 click solution to extract and recover your blackberry data.
With Blackberry Extractor, you get the power to scan and extract data from the blackberry backup stored on your computer. Deleted an important text message no worries. Extract a contact or a memo super simple. Bring up call history and tasks in no time.

Extract and Recover Blackberry Contacts, SMS, Tasks, Memos and Call History

Blackberry Extractor is a one stop solutions to extract and recover Blackberry Data. With a single click of mouse button, you can extract

All you have to do is to select the backup of your blackberry device and the software takes care of the rest. Click on Recover and the data would be recovered on your computer in a matter of minutes.

Extract Blackberry data in multiple file formats

Blackberry Extractor doesn t stop at just recovering your data. It improves readability and proves its cogency by doing so in multiple file formats. Following is a summary of what you can expect to see post extraction and recovery.
Data and File formats :-

  • Contacts- vCard and CSV format
  • Text Messages (SMS) HTML, CSV, Text format
  • Call History HTML, CSV, Text format
  • Tasks HTML, CSV, Text format
  • Memos HTML, CSV, Text format

To make it easier, you don t have to worry about selecting these file formats. Upon recovery, the software will automatically export to all of these formats and you can then choose the one that fits your needs the best.

Supports backups of multiple Blackberry devices

You don t have to worry about researching if the Blackberry Extractor will support the backup of your device, be it in IPD or BBB format. It does support every single blackberry device available in the market. There is just 1 thing that you need to be sure of that you ve taken a backup of your blackberry using Blackberry Desktop Manager.
Following are the device backups with which Blackberry Extractor has been tested to work with:-

  • Blackberry Bold
  • Blackberry Torch
  • Blackberry Curve

If you feel the need to test before buying the software, simply download the free version and try it out first.

Read, Open and Extract BBB and IPD Blackberry backup

The Blackberry Extractor v10.6 gets the ability to extract data out of unencrypted BBB and IPD blackberry backup files. The latest addition is support of the BBB format, files of which are created by the newest Blackberry Desktop Manager software. IPD is legacy file format for Blackberry backups, which too is supported by the software. The software will scan and list all the details before you could proceed with the recovery. Be it Mac or Windows, extraction and recovery from blackberry backup files is now just a click away.

For Mac and Windows

One of the most sailent features of the Blackberry Extractor is that it works on both Mac and Windows. Keeping the user experience in mind, we have made sure that the software works exactly the same on either of the operating systems.

  • Works on Windows Xp, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Works on Mac OS X 10.6 and up

Take a test drive right now, download Blackbery Extractor following the download page .

Safe, Secure and Unlimited usage

The Blackberry Extractor has been built ground up keeping the highest levels of security in mind. It keeps your data safe and limited to your computer. Additionally, extracting through the blackberry backup ensures that the data on your phone or tablet remains intact with zero risk of data corruption. Use the Blackberry Extractor as many times as you wish to, for as many device backups. Each license of the Blackberry Extractor comes with lifetime usage for the computer you have installed it on.

  • Keeps files limited to your computer
  • Scans backups to guarantee device integrity
  • Unlimited usage

Keeping files limited to your system will keep your information safe. No over the internet transfers for recovery hassles at all.

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