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Apr 16 2018

Boat Transport

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Let Showroom Transport move your boat safely with the proper equipment and truck.

We ship boats from/to or within most cities in the USA. We also transport boats from USA to Canada or Canada to USA. To view locations we have drivers click here .

Nationwide Boat Movers

Showroom Transport will proudly arrange the transport of your boat anywhere in the continental USA. If shipping to Canada, we will meet you at any US/CN Border.

Need to have a boat on trailer moved anywhere in the USA? We can move it FAST! We will pick up your boat or jet ski(s) on a trailer from where it is located and take it to where it needs to go. Why do it yourself? Let us safely deliver it for you fast!

Below is a list of items we transport:

3 most popular reasons people use our service.

1. Just purchased a boat online in another state and it is more cost effective to hire a company to deliver the boat.

2. Moving to another location and do not want to go through the hassle and stress of towing it.

3. Going on vacation and need someone to tow boat to the vacation area.

Your boat or jet ski MUST be on a trailer for us to transport it.

Showroom Transport arranges for the right carrier to haul or pull your boat or jetskis.

We can haul or tow your boat or jetskis as long as they are on a trailer.

We can even simply hook a truck up to your boat or jetski on it’s own trailer and pull it wherever you want us to!

Showroom Transport is a Nationwide Transport Company. We have handled the transport for automobiles, construction or farm equipment, boats, jetskis, trailers etc. for many years. We are open 24/7.

Showroom Transport is licensed with the Federal Government, Insured and Bonded.

View our Boat Transport and Shipping Company TV commercial:

Watch a Boat being loaded on a Trailer with a Boat Lift


Canvas covers must be removed as they will tear or fly off during transport. Canvas covers tend to flap in the wind, damaging the boat. If they are not removed, the carrier cannot be responsible for damages.

If shrink wrapped, and the shrink wrap becomes un-repairable, it will be removed to avoid damage from the shrink wrap beating against the boat. The carrier will not be held responsible.

Please make sure that your boat is secured properly to the trailer. Extra straps, etc.

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