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Dec 31 2017

Camel Spider – Frightening Giant Arachnid

The camel spider also known as the wind scorpion or sun spider is in fact a member of the solifugae family and not a spider at all. It’s of the arachnid family but not actually a spider. They are very large for an arachnid and can reach up to 6 inches (15 cm) in length. They’re usually light brown in color are covered in fine hairs. Interestingly, the male is usually much smaller than the female but has longer legs.

They’ve become a huge internet sensation of late since rumors of their bloodthirsty nature began to spread online. During the Iraq War in 2003 many recruits claimed these spiders were half the size of human! Myths about the camel spider have circulated for many years. Middle Eastern tales have purported the camel spider to be a huge venomous predator able to eat large mammals. All these tales are untrue; it could not possibly eat a soldier or grow to half the size of one!

The spider does thrive in desert environments inhabiting nearly all deserts cross the earth excluding Australia.

The camel spider is a very fast member of the arachnid family, able to reach up to 10 miles (16 km) per hour. It is also not at all deadly to humans although its bite is very painful. Despite this, they are hugely vicious predators when it comes to prey they can handle which includes insects, lizards, small birds and sometimes rodents. They thrive in desert locations and have large powerful jaws which are sometimes up to 1/3 of their body length. They use this great weapon to seize their prey and smash them up with a chopping motion. They are not venomous but use their digestive fluids to dissolve their victims’ flesh which makes it much easier to get what remains into their stomachs. Their main prey are termites and beetles.

Camel spiders only bite in self-defense if they’re disturbed or alarmed. If you happen to be bitten by one you should definitely consult a doctor but as they are not venomous so you need not worry about dying!

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