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Apr 19 2018

Career clusters, career clusters.#Career #clusters

Career clusters


Virginia’s 16 Career Clusters

Career clustersTo view individual Web pages for each of the 16 career clusters, use the menu to the right .

News AnnouncementsCareer clusters

Nominations for Career Success Stars in Career and Technical Education – A new initiative called “Career Success Stars” will begin in 2018. It will replace the long running R U “College Career” Ready Magazine, a VDOE production that has come to an end with its final publication of the 2017 Edition. The new initiative will feature video profiles of the Commonwealth’s brightest Career Success Stars, former students who are now in their 20s and 30s. The Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education is seeking CTE program completers to showcase for each of the 16 career clusters, an entrepreneur, active military personnel, and an apprentice or intern. For more information see, Superintendent’s Memo 053-17. Nominations are due by April 14, 2017.

Career Clusters help students investigate careers and design their courses of study to advance their career goals. For this reason, Virginia has adopted the nationally accepted structure of career clusters, career pathways and sample career specialties or occupations.

A Career Cluster is a grouping of occupations and broad industries based on commonalities. Within each career cluster, there are multiple career pathways that represent a common set of skills and knowledge, both academic and technical, necessary to pursue a full range of career opportunities within that pathway ranging from entry level to management, including technical and professional career specialties. Based on the skills sets taught, all CTE courses are aligned with one or more career clusters and career pathways.


This PowerPoint presentation describes the integration of career clusters into the career exploration and preparation process in Virginia (updated December 2012). NOTE: this is a large file that will take time to download.

Career clustersDeveloping Academic and Career Plans of Study

The sample Plans of Study listing is a resource to assist CTE administrators and school counselors in developing student academic and career plans of study for each pathway within a career cluster. The sample plans of study template meets all the state and federal requirements.


Career clusters

Middle School Parent Resource this brochure is designed for parents/guardians to engage with their children about career planning and development. It complements the suite of Virginia R U Ready? resources (student guide) and Ready or Not (teacher’s resource).

This teaching companion to the R U Ready? magazine offers lesson plans for nine articles and the 16 Career Clusters. While different for each article, every lesson plan features an anticipatory activity, a lesson activity, and a closure activity. Learning objectives, necessary materials, and answer keys are supplied as well. Designed to be taught by all educators and in all classrooms, the lesson plans incorporate engaging student-centered activities, often calling for cooperative learning.

Career clusters

Career clusters

a searchable online resource to help students determine the most effective CTE courses of study based on a student’s career goals.

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Know How VirginiaCareer clusters a public awareness campaign designed to inform students about rewarding career opportunities and to promote career exploration and preparation through middle and high school Career and Technical Education programs.

In cooperation with the National Career Technical Education Foundation (NCTEF), the National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTEc) provides leadership and support for the National Career Clusters Framework to deliver high-quality CTE programs through improved curriculum design and instruction. The National Career Clusters Framework is comprised of 16 Career Clusters and related Career Pathways to help students explore different career options and better prepare for college and career. The Career Clusters and related Career Pathways serve as an organizing tool for Virginia’s schools and academies to develop more effective programs of study and curriculum. This site includes a listing of the 16 career clusters and 79 pathwaysCareer clusters.

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