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Jan 13 2018

Cheap Motel Chain – Road Trips Forum, motel chains.#Motel #chains

Cheap Motel Chain – Road Trips Forum

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Motel chains

We re planning a road trip from Montreal to Florida and would like to know if anyone can recommend a cheap but clean motel where we could stay along the way? Price?

Thanks in advance!

Motel chains

Hi and welcome to the forum

Motel 6 and Super 8 often have good deals.

Motel chains

What a great site! Thanks for the info on the motels as well..

Motel chains

Motel 6 can be very cheap, but I always have a look ar my actual room first. Super 8 is uniformly nicer and comes with breakfast but doesu cost more.

Don t overlook Priceline and Hotwire. They don t work well in small towns, though. See betterbidding.com or biddingfortravel.com for bidding strategy and recent results.

Motel chains

I would wing it and see how far you can get each and every day. There are plenty of places to stay and as many of them are gathered near the interstates there s a big competition amongst them. We don t stay along the interstate very often but if we do, we just step in and negotiate a bit. That sometimes leads to prices as low as $ 39,– per night. You can t cancel priceline reservations afa I know. Best prices you ll find by just dropping by and negotiate. And always ask for an AAA discount. Ramada also often has low prices. Don t expect luxury at the low budget hotels and as Ainwa has said, always check the room first.

Motel chains

How often do you ask to see the room first? Does every motel agree to this? I didn t know that negotiating upon arrival and asking to see the room first was still possible, especially at the large chains.

Do you do this at only the economy chains such as Motel 6 or Red Roof Inn, or also at the Best Westerns or Holiday Inn Expresses?

As some motels have only one clerk, do they just give you the key to check it out, or does an employee come with you? How frequently do you walk away from property saying no thanks? How frequently do motels refuse to show you the room or to negotiate from posted rates? Does it matter what time of day you arrive when requesting to inspect a room and to negotiate? Do you think that this strategy benefits from traveling out-of-season when motels have higher vacancy rates?

I do know that you can save money by calling hotels directly, after checking sites such as Expedia and a chain s website to ascertain prices and then by negotiating.

Personally, in lieu of room inspections, I use TA reviews from frequent posters to narrow down my lodging choices.

Motel chains

Lot of questions TE.

Yes we check the room most of the time and always for a longer than one nights stay. We almost always travel off season and only make a reservation in tourist area s in the weekend. Best deals are from sun night thru thu. Yes, we do pick up brochures at the visitor center or along the route for discounts. Yes, we always ask for an AAA discount.

We do get the roomkeys often but we look very reliable -lol- DW asks for the discounts, she s very good in that. Sometimes an employee goes with us to the room. We have never stayed in a Motel 6 but would not mind doing but we prefer the better chains or stay in local hotels. Can t remember a hotel refused to show us the room. We sometimes stay in hotels a couple of days and gets an offer to stay longer for half the price or sometimes, stay 4 nights pay 3. We try to check in before 4pm to get best rooms.

We take many reviews on TA with a grain of salt.

There s a huge difference between high season and low season as always.

Even if we make an internet reservation we ask for a discount at the desk.

Don t misunderstand me. We are not trying to stay as cheap as possible and if we like a place very much and there s few vacancy we just pay the price but if you don t ask you ll never get a discount.

We stayed in more than 1000 hotels over the years.

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