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Oct 4 2017

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7 Tips On How To Purchase A Used Car

1. Contact your near-by police department to find out if there are any upcoming auctions  and when this will be taking place. They may also have a listing of these vehicles you can maybe view.

2. You can check the news paper daily to see if there is any auctions coming up, though I personally prefer online sites such as this one you can visit here governmentsiezedcarsforsale  you can view the specifications of each vehicle with ease and comfort. Bidders may be required to sign up before hand but this is a great advantage you will have over the massive eager buyers out there.

3. Go to the site and look at the specifications of the vehicle you are interested in getting; the make, model, year and title information should be recorded.  A vehicle s title information will allow you to research its history and know its condition. You will moreover require a title with a particular final objective to get security.

4. Use the information you find on the  site to decide if the the cost of the vehicle you require is worth it. You can then pick the sum you are willing to pay. Keep in mind that since this is a pre-owned car that you may need to do a little work on it but most don t require any work done.

5. You may also take out a car loan with a loan institution like a bank or get approved just in-case you don t have the money now but don t want the deal to pass you up. Also find out ahead of time if they accept credit cards and or what types of payments they accept.

6. You will want to test drive the car and make sure you are liking it, it is sometimes a wise idea to bring along a friend or a certified mechanic with you to go over the car.  But if that can t be done and you are going alone, make sure to check the interior as well as the exterior very well. Knock the body the of the car steadily and listen for any hallow sounds, this will tell you the vehicle was in an accident and has been worked on, putty is what you are hearing. Check under the car as well and the flooring for any rotten spots, check door handles and mirrors to make sure they work as they should. Some second hand cars are sold as is and you may have to do some work on them as I mentioned earlier.

7. Make sure to check the papers are there and all correct, check the engine number and chassis number properly and make sure they match if the engine hasn t been replaced. Ensure that key/keys work well and are in good condition. This might seem like a lot but you are making a big decision here and keep in mind that these will in most cases be none refundable.

I hope this has helped with your purchase and remember to check out the recommended site for viewing used vehicles at very low prices. Governmentseizedcars

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