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Feb 7 2018

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Santa Fe, NM, santa fe auto insurance company.#Santa #fe #auto #insurance #company

Santa fe auto insurance company

Santa fe auto insurance company

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Santa fe auto insurance company

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Cheap Car Insurance in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa fe auto insurance company

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Car Insurance Santa Fe, New Mexico Agents

Reynolds Insurance

200 W De Vargas St Ste 8

Santa Fe, NM 87501

The bargain hunter really doesn’t need Chubb. The reason Chubb is preferred by its customers is because Chubb is an exceptional company for select higher value properties. It is not always the cheapest. but it often can be. for higher values and many buyers don’t need the level of protection Chubb provides. Many companies won’t even insure the very high value properties. Chubb will. If you have a home under $300,000 chances are you have a basic place. nice and all, but probably not a custom home with a lot of special features and a high value of upper end contents. these homeowners really don’t need Chubb. In the event of a loss, it’s fairly easy to settle a claim on a non custom or tract home with an average amount of fairly easily replaceable contents. TV’s, department store furniture, clothing from the mall. etc. However, should you have a high value property with a lot of high value contents, then Chubb is probably where you should be. An example: if your million plus dollar home burns. you really don’t want the budget minded adjuster showing up trying to get you to settle your claim quickly and trying to mickey mouse you on the settlement of your valuables. You need a company that understands and accepts the replacement values of expensive custom furnishings, original artwork, antiques, valuable jewelry. and so on. Chubb is not the only top quality company that does this. but is certainly one of the best. The previous poster obviously didn’t understand the upper end of the reasoning. as to why the more affluent customer pays a little more for this level of service. His needs were probably fairly basic and could have be satisfied by some other good company that would serve his more basic needs. a nice, but basic home and simple contents can be easily replaced. It’s not hard to get a floor installed from Home Depot in an 1800 sq. ft. house. but try to get a fair and full, quality install of a 200 year old imported european hard wood

As a Reynolds Insurance client I would completly disagree with the previous review whether he actually exists or not. My Reynolds agent presented me the cheepest company for my home and auto needs. After comparing apples to apples I opted for a more expensive policy with different features and better coverage. Reynolds is there to help, not to push. Chubb is the best, for the best; this comes at a premium. It is not for the person trying to save a buck by cutting corners. Reynolds agents will help you understand the features and benefits of your policy.

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