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Feb 27 2018

Coaching Jobs, CoachUp, football coaching jobs.#Football #coaching #jobs

football coaching jobs

CoachUp is looking for experienced individuals to join our national team of talented sports coaches and trainers dedicated to taking athletes to Another Level .

Whether coaching is your full-time career or part-time passion, apply to be a CoachUp coach and let us help you manage and grow your coaching business.

Work with CoachUp to get:

Train athletes in 1-on-1 sessions, group sessions, clinics, camps, online training, and more

Stream of new clients to expand your business

Ability to set your own hourly rate; coaches earn an average of $45/hour

Mobile app to schedule sessions and quickly receive payments

$1 million liability insurance coverage on all sessions

Rewards points redeemable to purchase training equipment, apparel, and gear

How Do I Apply?

Joining the nation’s leading sports coaching company is as easy as one, two, three!

Submit an Application: Tell us about your athletic achievements and coaching experience.

Learn the Ropes: Pass a quick quiz about the ins and outs of using CoachUp.

Pass a Background Check: CoachUp places an emphasis on Trust & Safety by requiring coaches to pass yearly background check.

Jobs in Highest Demand

Texas coaching jobs (67)

Volleyball, Boxing, Gymnastics, Softball (and 11 more)

New York coaching jobs (60)

Football, Volleyball, Boxing, Basketball (and 12 more)

California coaching jobs (47)

Basketball, Boxing, Soccer, Swimming (and 15 more)

Florida coaching jobs (36)

Volleyball, Boxing, Basketball, Gymnastics (and 12 more)

Ohio coaching jobs (35)

Swimming, Boxing, Softball, Baseball (and 11 more)

Michigan coaching jobs (30)

Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Softball (and 10 more)

North Carolina coaching jobs (28)

Boxing, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball (and 9 more)

Georgia coaching jobs (28)

Boxing, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball (and 8 more)

Indiana coaching jobs (26)

Basketball, Volleyball, Boxing, Golf (and 6 more)

Pennsylvania coaching jobs (25)

Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming (and 13 more)

Illinois coaching jobs (24)

Gymnastics, Basketball, Boxing, Tennis (and 8 more)

Oklahoma coaching jobs (21)

Basketball, Boxing, Softball, Volleyball (and 6 more)

Alabama coaching jobs (21)

Football, Soccer, Softball, Basketball (and 5 more)

Louisiana coaching jobs (20)

Boxing, Soccer, Softball, Basketball (and 6 more)

Virginia coaching jobs (20)

Basketball, Swimming, Boxing, Softball (and 10 more)

Wisconsin coaching jobs (18)

Softball, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball (and 8 more)

Missouri coaching jobs (18)

Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf (and 5 more)

Tennessee coaching jobs (17)

Softball, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball (and 7 more)

Arizona coaching jobs (17)

Basketball, Boxing, Football, Volleyball (and 11 more)

South Carolina coaching jobs (16)

Basketball, Volleyball, Boxing, Tennis (and 6 more)

Minnesota coaching jobs (16)

Basketball, Gymnastics, Softball, Football (and 5 more)

Kentucky coaching jobs (14)

Track Field, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball (and 4 more)

Mississippi coaching jobs (13)

Basketball, Football, Baseball, Cheerleading (and 4 more)

Iowa coaching jobs (13)

Soccer, Tennis, Softball, Baseball (and 3 more)

Colorado coaching jobs (12)

Boxing, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball (and 10 more)

Washington coaching jobs (11)

Soccer, Basketball, Boxing, Swimming (and 9 more)

Massachusetts coaching jobs (11)

Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Basketball, Figure Skating (and 12 more)

New Jersey coaching jobs (11)

Tennis, Boxing, Volleyball, Swimming (and 11 more)

Arkansas coaching jobs (10)

Football, Basketball, Soccer, Softball (and 6 more)

Kansas coaching jobs (9)

Basketball, Volleyball, Boxing, Baseball (and 5 more)

Maryland coaching jobs (8)

Gymnastics, Basketball, Cheerleading, Soccer (and 11 more)

Utah coaching jobs (8)

Softball, Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis (and 8 more)

New Mexico coaching jobs (7)

Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Baseball (and 5 more)

Connecticut coaching jobs (7)

Boxing, Tennis, Gymnastics, Swimming (and 9 more)

Oregon coaching jobs (7)

Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball (and 7 more)

Nevada coaching jobs (6)

Basketball, Soccer, Football, Swimming (and 5 more)

West Virginia coaching jobs (5)

Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Boxing (and 6 more)

Nebraska coaching jobs (4)

Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Swimming (and 4 more)

New Hampshire coaching jobs (4)

Basketball, Softball, Baseball

Maine coaching jobs (4)

Basketball, Ice Hockey, Boxing, Cheerleading (and 3 more)

Hawaii coaching jobs (4)

Volleyball, Baseball, Boxing, Running (and 1 more)

Alaska coaching jobs (4)

Basketball, Boxing, Tennis, Lacrosse (and 1 more)

Delaware coaching jobs (4)

Boxing, Volleyball, Martial Arts, Ice Hockey (and 4 more)

Idaho coaching jobs (4)

Football, Basketball, Boxing, Track Field (and 3 more)

Vermont coaching jobs (4)

Basketball, Field Hockey, Running, Figure Skating (and 4 more)

North Dakota coaching jobs (4)

Basketball, Football, Soccer, Wrestling (and 2 more)

Rhode Island coaching jobs (4)

Swimming, Gymnastics, Boxing, Dance (and 6 more)

Montana coaching jobs (3)

Basketball, Football, Track Field

South Dakota coaching jobs (4)

Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Triathlon (and 1 more)

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