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Mar 13 2018

Coffee Vending Machines in Berks, Bucks, Herts, London UK

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We can offer coffee vending machines for the smallest office or largest factory to the busiest caf or restaurant. Featuring fresh beans, ground coffee, incup systems and high volume quick dispense systems we have a machine for you. We operate mainly in Greater London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire, UK.

In our range of table top coffee machines you will find vending machines which are suitable for almost every environment. We can supply automatic coffee equipment, filter coffee and table top vending machines for the smallest office to the busiest cafe. You can select from a range of coffee machines that offer drinks made from freshly ground beans to machines that offer fast dispense drinks made from soluble ingredients. With the new Zion bean to cup coffee machine or the Jura X9 it is possible to introduce high street quality cappuccinos and lattes to your office. These systems use whole beans and fresh milk to produce an exceptional coffee. If however you would like your table top office machine to produce a large quantity of drinks in a short space of time then the Kenco Maxi is an ideal fit. All in all whatever you require your table top coffee machine to produce we have one to fit your requirements

Our wide range of floor standing coffee vending machines can offer in cup, soluble and bean to cup options. They can also be fitted with chiller units allowing you to vend chilled fruit flavour drinks. It is now even possible to produce a large coffee shop style 12oz bean to cup cappuccino or latte in a paper cup from your coffee vending machine. This should enable you cater for any drinks requirements that you may have.

The Kenco Singles vending machine is an easy to use and maintain machine that offers a range of freshly brewed hot drinks and can produce a plethora of filter coffees as well as a range of Twinings teas, Suchard hot chocolate and Kenco Cappio. If you are looking for an office coffee machine then the Kenco Singles machine is our most popular with some exciting developments to come later in 2012.

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