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Jun 12 2017

Compare Travel Insurance #credit #history

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Compare Travel Insurance

Organising travel insurance is an important part of planning your next overseas adventure. Accidents can happen, and medical costs overseas can be expensive. When you are considering purchasing travel insurance it pays to be informed in order to choose the right policy to suit your needs.

Most people take out an insurance policy in the hope they won t have to use it. That s perfectly natural. Who does want misfortunate to come their way? However, it s often a matter of how you look at insurance. Obtaining insurance is really just keeping yourself and your family protected against unforeseen events – purchasing peace of mind in fact. And when you thoughtfully compare travel insurance to get the best quote you also have the peace of mind you have purchased great value as well as great protection.

Medical insurance protects you as you travel, so you are not faced with paying what we in New Zealand would regard as obscene amounts of money for medical or dental care or for hospitalisation.

When you think it through logically, what would happen if you were to fall ill or suffer from an emergency while you were travelling in a foreign country and you had not taken out insurance? Some countries, such as many of the South African nations, insist on cash up front before care is given. Yes, many travellers do turn to our Consulates and Embassies for assistance, but after the emergency is over – you still have to pay the money back!

The cost of medical attention overseas is far more than you can expect to pay in New Zealand, while medical evacuation back to New Zealand can cost anywhere from $60,000 from nearby regions to in excess of $100,000, depending where you are in the world.

We Make Choosing Easy

1Cover NZ offers you a travel insurance comparison that will quickly and easily help you decide what your insurance needs are whether you re a backpacker, a student off to the UK for gap year, a family or a business professional.

Compare annual travel insurance or single trip details at our online travel quote facility. There you can decide which best suits your needs before obtaining quotes and an online price from other travel insurers. Naturally, all our policies provide extensive, often unlimited, cover for medical and hospital expenses and medical emergencies and evacuation, then you can choose between policies that provide varying levels of protection for luggage and personal effects, travel delay and alternative transport, trip cancellations and far more.

We invite you to compare travel insurance plans and our online prices today. You will be surprised just how affordable our cover is.

Compare What s Covered

It s always important to compare the cover levels for the various possibilities that travel insurance covers you for.

  • Cancellation Cover. We will arrange medical evacuation of seriously ill or injured 1Cover travellers.
  • Overseas Medical Cover. 1Cover has unlimited overseas medical coverage for overseas policies.
  • Luggage and Personal Effects Cover. The 1Cover Travel Insurance comprehensive policy provides cover up to $15,000 for personal effects and luggage whether they are lost, stolen or damaged during your travels.
  • Pre-existing Medical Cover. At 1Cover we cover 43 pre-existing medical conditions automatically (some restrictions may apply).
  • Contactable 24/7. At 1Cover Travel Insurance we have a 24/7 emergency assistance number so call us anywhere at anytime.
  • Activities Covered. With 1Cover Travel Insurance we provide cover for lots of different activities automatically like skiing, snowboarding and bungee jumping.

Terms and conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Please see PDS for full details.

Compare Types Of Travel Insurance

With 1Cover s overseas policies we offer basics, essentials and comprehesive levels of cover.

  • Basics – offers unlimited overseas medical assistance, unlimited emergency medical and hospital expenses as well as $500 of dental cover and $5 million of personal liability cover.
  • Essentials – this product is sold through our call centre and offers cover for everything included in the basics package plus credit card fraud and replacement, luggage and personal effects.
  • Comprehensive – this is the highest level of cover. It includes cover for everything included in essentials and basics but some features at a higher level of cover. It includes $15,000 of luggage and personal effects cover, emergency companion cover, additional accommodation and travel expenses, car hire excess and more.

We also have single and annual travel insurance policies.

  • Single Trip – covers individual trips up to 12 months in length. This policy can be extended while you are overseas for an extra 12 months.
  • Annual Travel Insurance – covers an unlimited number of trips over a 12 month period. Individual trips can be up to 90 days long.

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