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Oct 16 2017


Companies can reduce the cost of expense report processing by almost 90% with an automated system. Over 45% of all businesses experience fraud. Eliminate maverick spending, enhance policy enforcement, and simplify the auditing process required by the IRS and Sarbanes-Oxley.


ExpenseVisor allows managers to set spending limits for each user with the flexibility of adjusting those limits in real-time with approval if necessary, making travel expense reporting simple. Are you a power user? Multiple viewing options give you the ability to view reports by employee, client, product or specific trip.


The ExpenseVisor travel and entertainment expense report management system uses a proven and intuitive user interface. ExpenseVisor encompasses today’s technologies to provide a simplified end-user experience while optimizing the the expense report management process. Let ExpenseVisor do the work to make your organization more effective – and do it quickly. ExpenseVisor Customer Care is always ready to assist you with any request.


Schedule a demo and see what thousands of users are doing every day.

We’ve designed ExpenseVisor specifically to overcome the travel and entertainment expense report management challenges of small-to-mid-sized businesses by providing the ultimate end-user experience and optimizing the Travel and Entertainment expense report management process. ExpenseVisor is rapidly becoming the preferred solution for companies with less that 10,000 employees.

Capture Receipts Via Smart Phones and Tablets

Pull out your phone or tablet and click! Your receipt will soon be on its way to your reporting center.

The Right Solution that Looks Out for Your Budget

We know costs are important. ExpenseVisor delivers exceptional value at a very competitive fee.

Responsive Customer Care – Fast and Effective Support

You hate to wait for support and so do we. You can count on us to be there whenever you need us.

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