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Sep 30 2017

Coordinate Plane Grid #magic #quadrants


Coordinate Plane Grid
Printable Coordinate Templates

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How Coordinates Work

When dealing with coordinates the most important fact to remember is that
the x coordinate (the horizontal coordinate) always comes first
and the y coordinate (the vertical coordinate) always comes second.

This can be remembered with the saying ‘Along the corridor and then up (or down) the stairs.

So the coordinate (4,7) means 4 squares along (to the right) and 7 squares up.

The coordinate (-2,-4) means 2 square along (to the left) and 4 squares down.

On this webpage you will find our range of coordinate templates.

There is a wide range of printable templates, including templates using 1, 2 or all 4 quadrants.

There are many different fun math activities that you can do with your child with a coordinate template, please see below for an activity sheet.

There are also pre-made printable coordinate worksheets available on a separate webpage.

All these free coordinate plane grids will help your child to master using basic coordinates.

Here are some ideas of how to use these coordinate plane grids to help your child understand and master coordinates, while at the same time having fun and enjoying math.

Idea #1 – Make a pattern

Make a simple pattern using the coordinate grids and then write down the coordinates of your pattern.
You could swap patterns with a partner, and test each other’s patterns.

Idea #2 – Make a code

Write the letters of the alphabet on the coordinate grid, with each letter having a different coordinate.

You can then write a message to a friend using coordinates.

Idea #3 – Reflect It

This activity will only work when dealing with 2 or 4 quadrants.

Make a simple pattern in one of the quadrants and write down the coordinates.

Reflect the pattern in the x or y axis and write down the new coordinates.

Idea #4 – Coordinate Battleships

A fun and exciting coordinate game that kids love to play.

Not only does it help children to learn about coordinates, but there is also a lot of strategy involved too.

Idea #5 – Find the Treasure

For this game you need 2 players, 2 separate coordinate grids, and a ruler.

Player 1 puts an x on their coordinate grid and writes down the coordinates of the treasure.

Player 2 suggests a coordinate and Player 1 measures the distance from Player 2’s coordinate to the treasure.

Player 1 tells Player 2 how far away from the treasure they are.

Player 2 then suggests a new coordinate and Player 1 measures and this repeats until Player 2 has found the treasure.

The challenge is who can find the treasure in the fewest goes!

Coordinate Plane Grid Templates

Here you will find a selection of coordinate templates to help your child understand how to master coordinates.

Each grid is available with all the numbers filled in and the axes labelled, and also in a blank form which needs to be completed.

Using these sheets will help your child to:

  • read and plot coordinates in 1,2 or all 4 quadrants;

All the free templates in this section support the Elementary Math Benchmarks.

Coordinate Grids – 1st Quadrant only

Coordinate Grids – 2 Quadrants

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