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May 28 2017

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Buying a Dental Practice | Dental Practice for Sale

Are you looking for a dental practice for sale? Whether buying your first practice or preparing to expand, the best way is by acquiring an existing practice. When the dental loan is structured in the most advantageous way, it’s a win-win for all parties and as a buyer you’ll benefit in many ways:

  • Realize Successful Practice Ownership!
  • Realize Professional Career Personal Satisfaction!
  • Realize Financial Freedom Independence!
  • Accomplish all of your ultimate Business Personal Goals!

Loans for Buying a Dental Practice | Dental Real Estate Financing

Complimentary Cash Flow Analysis (CFA)

Dental Practice Valuation (DPV)

In addition to our industry leading smarter financing solutions, from a banking standpoint, we offer a Complimentary Cash Flow Analysis (CFA) Dental Practice Valuation (DPV) for any practice you’re considering to purchase. Your complimentary CFA DPV will help you determine whether it’s safe to invest, whether the purchase price is fair, and whether the practice is financially strong. At USMF, it’s our desire to help you avoid “buying a job.” Instead, we’re here to help you acquire a profitable, appreciating asset that will bring you security for years to come.

After carefully analyzing the dental practice you plan to acquire, the USMF team will customize a financing plan that’s optimized to your particular situation and requirements, addresses your long-term goals, and minimizes your cost and risk.

With our extensive experience and resources, USMF is the only source in dentistry that guarantees smarter financing and business solutions. No other bank or lender offers this commitment. Consider USMF your personal dental financing consultant.

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