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Jan 11 2018

Domain name registration – premium domain names to lease or buy, how do you buy


Domain name search

Our domain name search will check for pre registered domains as well as unregistered domains with these extensions:

.co.uk .org.uk .com .net .org .biz .mobi .tv .info .in .be .se .cc .name

  • .co.uk domain names immediately available to buy or lease
  • accidents.co.uk
  • bags.co.uk
  • bike.co.uk
  • cleaning.co.uk
  • electronics.co.uk
  • england.co.uk
  • fashion.co.uk
  • finance.co.uk
  • friends.co.uk
  • gift.co.uk
  • gym.co.uk
  • hot.co.uk
  • injuries.co.uk
  • land.co.uk
  • legaladvice.co.uk
  • luck.co.uk
  • teaching.co.uk
  • wine.co.uk
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Use this form to retrieve the whois information for a registered domain name

(do not type http:// or www. before the domain name)

  • Domain Name Services
  • Our unique domain name search facility allows you to search for and buy unregistered domain names and find domain names that are available to lease. Flexible terms are available to suit new start-up businesses.
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  • Case Study
  • How do you buy domain names

Here we talk about number plates seller newreg.co.uk and their strategic move from newreg.com

  • What is DotCom Incubation?

Find out how our DotCom Incubation programme works, and how we can enhance your online business. See examples of domain names that are already seeing the fruits of incubation and how you can get involved.

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  • Domain Services

Domains.co.uk is in a unique and strong position. With 15 years of e-business expertise and a portfolio of over 2000 best in class premium domain names, it is our aim to provide you with a business solution that will suit all of your online needs.

Our aim is not merely to provide you with the best domain names, but domain names that already generate traffic and have a high standing on search engine results pages. Our incubation process delivers the best platform from which to build your online enterprise.

With the Internet becoming more competitive every day we are proud to be able to offer you a method to stand out from the crowd with our portfolio of unique, best in class premium domain names.

Expanding into the realm of online business or consolidating your current market position can seem like a complicated process. But with our experience and expertise we can offer a smooth and reliable partnership tailored to your business that will soon prove fruitful.

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