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Aug 13 2017

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O7 is the first of Doubdle refreshment drinks that lets you function in optima forma and helps to recover after your performance


Vitamin B3 contributes to a normal energy metabolism Vitamin B6 supports hormones and fertility Vitamin B12 supports the mind, concentration and emotions Vitamin C contributes to the body’s natural resistance and reduces fatigue

Meet our Athletes

DOUbdLE O7 provides the body with what it needs to stay in its physiological balance. Thus, nutrient deficiencies can be compensated in order to optimize personal performance.

Doubdle the company Doubdle (Just say double!) is founded in 2012 after 7 Years of experience in Beverage market, founded by 2 Dutch and 2 Tyrolian guys and is now owned by one of the founders Ruud Matla. Doubdle develops, produces and distributes functional food and beverages with the utmost care and attention to product detail and peoples health to help these people to improve their quality of life. The variety of vital nutrients in balanced dosage helps you to give the best and feel fit. The ingredients are selected according to the latest scientific findings and are combined optimally. The ingredients include fruit juices, vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as natural plant extracts. They help to maintain normal mental and physical functions and support them in the long term. Doubdle products provide the body with what it needs to stay in its physiological balance. Thus, nutrient deficiencies can be compensated in order to optimize personal performance. Doubdle has a commitment to its partners, such as distributors, wholesaler and its retailers, we don’t do any direct sales we do the actual product promotions we will help our consumers by telling them where they can get the Doubdle products. Our integrity and openness in this area will make sure that we can all support each partner.

Doubdle BV Doubdle BV Segbroeklaan 408k 2554 BE Den Haag The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Den Haag Number 55300790 VAT-Nr. NL851646517B01 conditions Number LAV 55300790-K27VBO Registered Trademark CENTRAL OFFICE Location Doubdle Leutascherstrasse 810 A-6100 Seefeld in Tirol Austria T: +43 5212 484811 e: Office Doubdle.com

Just say double


Calcium strengthens bones, joints and teeth Magnesium good for metabolism and nervous system Potassium optimizes muscle function, nervous system and blood pressure Zinc good for fertility, sight, hair, nails, skin and immune system


Acai delivers the necessary antioxidants Elder blossom supports the immune system Ginseng decreases stress symptoms Guarana enhances performance Ginger stimulates blood circulation, increases balance Maca improves vitality and boosts libido Malva supports digestion, stomach and respiratory tract

Doubdle is available in the following countries and internet shops


includes apple, aronia, black grapes, black carrot, cranberries and white grapes

Time for heroes

O7 is rich flavored & filled with

Doubdle is

THE healthy alternative

Doubdle a one of a kind tast

an exciting sweet followed by a small sour kick

O7 The natural healthy lifestyle refreshment drink that lets you feel like you are alive and being appreciated again

Nutritient facts Pro 100ml Energy value 84kJ/19,8kcal Protein

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