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Aug 1 2017

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PrimeSUITE by Greenway Medical™

Healthcare is one of the most intricate and disconnected industries. With changes on the horizon, it is becoming increasingly difficult for physicians to keep up with all of the requirements our government is imposing. Greenway’s PrimeSuite is a simple to use platform that will help your practice keep up with the industry. Whether you are a solo practitioner or running a multi-specialty, multi-location facility, PrimeSuite has tools to help you run a more efficient, more effective practice.

PrimeSuite is a one database solution with scheduling, billing, and electronic health records (EHR). From the moment your patient calls for an appointment, PrimeSuite can help to streamline the entire process. With PrimePatient (our award-winning patient portal), you can even proactively improve your workflow by having patients enter some information for you.

With healthcare costs on the rise and reimbursements continuously declining, the industry needs a smarter solution to help all areas of healthcare connect. Greenway is proud to offer the platform of the future a platform that makes it easier for physicians, practices, and clinics to connect without violating any patient health information (PHI) or practice financial data.

Purchasing a certified system is no longer good enough for physicians to achieve meaningful use. You need a system like Greenway’s PrimeSuite to help you meet all the core measurements. PrimeSuite comes with an intuitive dashboard to help you understand your progress towards achieving meaningful use. Greenway’s PrimeSuite also helps with the total care coordination that will result in the new value-based medicine.



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