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Nov 29 2017

Emergency Preparedness Tasks for You and Your Family #five #star #preparedness, #emergency #preparedness


Emergency Preparedness Tasks for You and Your Family

Emergency preparedness for your family should be your number one priority. Store emergency preparedness supplies in your home, school, office and car. Keep your family safe when a disaster occurs. Our emergency preparedness suppliers are top-rated and the best in the industry. They provide high quality, high performance, durable and cost effective emergency preparedness supplies and equipment. Our supplies and equipment are available for home, school, office and car. To review one of our top rated suppliers click here .

Emergency Preparedness Tasks for You and Your Family

Always remember, you could find yourself without every day conveniences. Emergency preparedness must be done before a disaster occurs. Power may be out for weeks. You may be in the dark. You may need a hand crank generator. Water treatment plants may stop working. You may have no water for drinking or cooking. You may need bottled water or a way to filter water for drinking and cooking. Food, shelter and clothing may not be available. You may need to take shelter outdoors in extreme weather conditions, such as freezing wind, snow, ice, hail or rain. Your home may be damaged and unsafe to live in. You may need a shelter and thermal blankets to protect you from the weather. You many need cooking equipment and supplies to work using alternate power sources. You may need a hand powered generator. You may need to know what is going on and how to be rescued. You may need a battery or crank operated radio. You may suffer injuries and need immediate medical attention. Medical treatment may not be available. You may need a first aid kit. Can you think of anything else you may need? When you do, let 5 Star Emergency Medical Supplies know. We have it!

How to Be Emergency Prepared

Obtain home and car disaster kits to keep your family safe. A disaster preparedness kit can make the difference between life and death. It can be used for any disaster. For example, a disaster could be an earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane, winter storm, and even a terrorist attack. Our suppliers offer a wide selection of survival kits. They can tailor survival kits to meet your special needs. You have peace-of-mind and safety in any emergency with home, school, office and car emergency preparedness kits.

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