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Feb 14 2018

Empire’ Season 3, Episode 18 Spoilers: “Toil and Trouble, Part 2” – Cookie Prepares to

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Empire season 3 s episode 18, titled Toil and Trouble, Part 2, is set to follow Cookie as she plans to wreck the opening for EMPIRE Las Vegas as Lucious prepares for the launch together with Giuliana. It seems that she may finally get her man back from the other woman.

The synopsis for Toil and Trouble Part 2 posted on TV Buzer reads, As Lucious (Terence Howard) gets ready to launch EMPIRE Las Vegas with Giuliana (Nia Long) at his side, Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) pulls together her own team of allies to wreak havoc on the opening. The final five minutes will leave viewers speechless.

The finale for season 3 of the American musical drama series airing on Fox is set to be an explosive and action-packed one as Lucious prepares to expand his business to the city that never sleeps. The promo opens to gaming commissioner Charlotte Frost (Eva Longoria) walking through the casino exclaiming, I can t wait to see Inferno light up this space.

In the next scene, Lucious tells Cookie, I m talking about a global EMPIRE. Cookie looks worried and asks, So who can sit on the throne with you? It seems that she is finally giving Lucious the chance to pick her over the scheming Giuliana.

Another scene shows an emotionally-charged Lucious saying, Both of us made a bunch of sacrifices, baby. You sacrificed 17 years for me. When Lucious tells her that she is the love of his life, she can only look at him in awe. It seems absolutely possible that Lucious and Cookie s love affair may finally be picking up where it left off, especially since he ditched Giuliana after confronting her of stealing his money.

In another scene, Lucious and Cookie announce to their sons that they have important news to share. Cookie says, We made a decision. Trai (Andre Lyon) asks, What kind of decision? A big one, their mother replies. By the end of the promo, Lucious is asking Cookie to say yes to something, thinking that it may be a marriage proposal.

During an interview with Variety. showrunner Ilene Chaiken revealed numerous storylines that could wrap up in the upcoming finale. Chaiken said, Very few things ever get wrapped up on Empire. Things just get taken to the next level and left on the edges of cliffs! But we certainly will take the Lucious, Cookie, Giuliana (Nia Long) love triangle to its ultimate Season 3 conclusion whether Cookie will get her man back or whether she s lost him for good will be the central story in our finale.

She added, The whereabouts of Hakeem s daughter will be, if not wrapped up, certainly further explicated. And Leah s purpose in murdering Tariq will be illuminated in the finale. Whether or not Andre (Trai Byers) is going to follow through on his plan to kill his father is a very, very big moment in our finale.

Empire season 3 s episode 18, titled Toil and Trouble, Part 2, is scheduled to air on Fox on May 24, 2017.

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