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Aug 31 2017

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Thread: Express Credit Auto

Express Credit Auto


Two years ago, I bought a 2002 Dodge Stratus SXT 2-Door Coupe for a whopping $12,000 (3x the retail value at the time). Now, the value for this car is just under $4,000 (shown by a bank) with millage over 90,000.

At that time, they refused to lower the price, but I did not know the actual retail value. It was also the only place that I could get something of decent quality with payments.

Despite the fact of 2 years on time payments every time, the credit scores had only increased very slightly. Even with proven responsibility for this car, I am still required to have 700+ score for a loan with a bank. Reputable dealerships still ask me for a cosigner (they are that stupid).

This leaves me with the only option to trade in the car for a truck at the same place. Express Credit Auto.

$12,000 + $4,000 interest brings up the total of $16,000. I have $4,637 left on the car. Trade in time is $4,500 or less. I can trade now with $200.

Considering that they overprice all of the vehicles on their lots, how do they specifically deal with trade? Do they add the remaining balance onto the new purchase or do they buy back the car for $4,500?

Would like for someone with experience there to help me out here.

Will I be able to bring down the price by arguing the retail value? What can I do? Will they print out the CarFax history?


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