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Feb 21 2018

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First Aid for Life can provide a wide range of course choice. Please select one of the following for more information.

Suitable for clinical & non-clinical staff Duration: 2 Hours

  • Basic Physiology (relevant to CPR)
  • Demonstration of current CPR techniques for Adults/Children/Babies (Resuscitation Council UK Guidelines).
  • Demonstration of action for choking child/baby.
  • Supervised practice by candidates, in small groups.
  • Discussion & Questions relating to the current guidelines & associated current Law.
  • Hand-outs will be given.

(Please ask for quote for larger groups).

Suitable for GP�s, Dentists & Nurses
Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours

As above plus

  • Emergency action to recognize and treat Anaphylaxis.
  • Demonstration with Epipen/Anapen trainer
  • Demonstration with AED/Oxygen
  • Candidate practice � under supervision
  • Care of the Unconscious Casualty
  • Handouts will be given.

(Please ask for quote for larger groups).
Suitable for all staff Particularly appropriate for Dental Surgeries.
Duration: 4 hours

  • Basic related Physiology
  • Demonstration & Practice of current CPR techniques for Adults/Child/Baby
  • Action for Choking Child/Baby
  • Anaphylaxis/Epilepsy/Diabetes/Asthma/Heart Attack/Angina/Care of the Unconscious Casualty/Bleeding/Oxygen Therapy/Recovery Position.
  • The administration of appropriate drugs in the emergency situation.
  • Hand-outs will be given on CPR/Choking.

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Suitable for GP�s/Dentists/Nurses
Duration: 4 hours

  • More advanced CPR dealing with the ABCDE approach.
  • This course covers advanced Airway Management/Cricothyroidotomy
  • Cardiac Arrhythmias and their management.
  • Cardiac arrest practical Senarios including drug administration.
  • This training is based on the requirements of the candidates and can be adapted accordingly.

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Suitable for all grades of staff.
Duration: 1 -1.5 hours

  • Explanation of cardiac arrest/VF
  • The use of AED including skin preparation/placement of pads and discussion of safety aspects.
  • Supervised practice.
  • Hand-outs will be given.

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Suitable for mainly Doctors, Dentists and Nurses � open to all
Duration: 2 hours

Learning/Refreshing existing knowledge of

  • How to interpret an ECG and a discussion regarding diagnosis and treatment.
  • The safe use of an External Automated Defibrillator (AED)

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Suitable for everyone. GP Practices/Dental Practices. Particularly those with small children in their care.
Duration: 6 hours Time to suit you

This course will teach you how to:

  • Control bleeding/bandaging
  • Prevent/Treat Shock
  • Deal with head injuries
  • Deal with choking adult/child/baby
  • Treatment of suspected fractures
  • First Aid of burns/scalds
  • Deal with hypothermia
  • Care of someone unconscious
  • Deal with a child/baby who is convulsing.
  • Child/baby CPR techniques
  • Dealing with someone with chest pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Dealing with Hypoglycaemia (diabetic emergency)

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Covering Yorkshire, Lancashire, Halifax, Leeds, Bradford, Preston, Liverpool, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Birmingham, Nottingham. All areas considered

First Aid For Life (Training) Limited. 82 School Lane, Illingworth, Halifax, HX2 9QJ. Telephone: 01422 240134

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