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Mar 22 2018

Floodgate Door Flood Barrier (Outward Opening)

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The Floodgate Door Barrier for outward opening doors is a protective flood barrier designed to create a waterproof seal within the area it is securely positioned. i.e. an outward opening doorway protecting buildings against salt and fresh flood water. Designed specifically and supplied with extra tools to enable it to be used with outward opening doors.

Installation and Use

Quickly and easily installed without the need for tools, this door barrier expands both vertically and horizontally for maximum flood protection.

Comprising a 25mm thick steel boxed frame enveloped by a 7mm thick blue neoprene jacket, a jacking mechanism, operated by a ratchet spanner, on the back of the frame allows both the frame and the jacket to expand horizontally to fit the opening it is being applied to. The neoprene jacket, when expanded, forms a waterproof seal between it and the aperture it is expanded into. An independent foot and adjustable bolts at the bottom rear of the frame allow the barrier to create a seal at the bottom of the barrier.

Floodgates for outward opening doors

As access to the rear jacking mechanism may be limited, for outward opening models a 17mm socket, extension bar and ratchet wrench are supplied to allow adjustment of the jacking mechanism from the front of the barrier. In addition, the adjustable bolts at the bottom of the barrier are longer and have their bolt heads approximately 75-100mm from the top of the barrier, allowing these to also be operated from the front.

Specifications and Sizes

This flood product is available in a range of sizes and comes supplied with adjustable spanner and sealant. Larger areas including garages and driveways can be protected by connecting multiple door barriers using a stanchion system.

  • Height: 680mm
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Choose from 7 sizes to suit small, regular or larger entryways:
    • Extra Small Floodgate – Minimum width: 680mm, Maximum width: 770mm
    • Standard Flood Gate – Minimum width: 770, Maximum width: 890mm
    • Regular Flood Gate – Minimum width: 890, Maximum width: 975mm
    • Medium Flood Gate – Minimum width: 975, Maximum width: 1130mm
    • Large Flood Gate – Minimum width: 1195, Maximum width: 1360mm
    • X Large Flood Gate – Minimum width: 1375, Maximum width: 1530mm
    • XX Large Flood Gate – Minimum width: 1530, Maximum width: 1660mm
  • Supplied with socket, extension bars and ratchet wrench for front operation of jacking mechanism
  • Supplied with extra long adjustable bolts for front operation of bottom seal
  • Fits most sizes of domestic doors
  • No permanent fixings required
  • For each model the width expansion range is quoted
  • Models for inward opening doors also available
  • Designed with the help of the University of Wales and the Welsh government

Range : Flood Gates and Stanchions

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