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Feb 26 2018

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Private Security

Important Notice: As a reminder to industry, please complete all sections of the Class D and/or Class G application(s), including Section X. If an applicant is not currently employed, please indicate the same.

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing, licenses and regulates the private security industry in accordance with Chapter 493, Florida Statutes. Security officers and security agencies serve in positions of trust. Untrained and unlicensed persons or businesses, or persons not of good moral character are a threat to the public safety and welfare. The private security industry is regulated to ensure the interests of the public are adequately served and protected.

“Security agency” means any person who, for consideration, advertises as providing or is engaged in the business of furnishing security services, armored car services, or transporting prisoners. This includes any person who utilizes dogs and individuals to provide security services.

A Security Officer is any individual who, for consideration, advertises as providing or performs security services.

Security services include:

  • Bodyguard protection
  • Guarding property
  • Transporting prisoners
  • Armored car services
  • Assisting in prevention of theft or unlawful taking of goods, wares, and merchandise
  • Assisting in prevention of the misappropriation or concealment of goods, wares or merchandise, money, bonds, stocks, choses in action, notes, or other documents, papers, and articles of value or procurement of the return thereof.

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