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Jan 13 2018

Fort Myers Air Conditioning Maintenance: The Humidistat

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Fort Myers Air Conditioning Maintenance: The Humidistat

Most Floridians are very familiar with high humidity levels throughout the year, especially in the summer, so of course no homeowner in Florida wants be without a reliable AC system! But, did you know that along with a reliable cooling system there is also a device that helps control the air circulation and the level of humidity inside your home? It’s called a humidistat and without one you may experience excess moisture, mold, dampness as well as running your air conditioner inefficiently.

So, how do these work and how do you know if you have a humidistat? First step is to locate where the humidistat may be. Some a/c systems come with a humidistat as part of the thermostat, but this has only happened over the last 5 years or so. Older a/c units do not have a humidistat built in and in this case, it would be located alongside your thermostat mounted on the wall or in a duct.

If for some reason your home does not have one they can easily be purchased and installed.

After locating your humidistat it is important to understanding the settings. The humidistat is set based on on the levels of humidity in your home. For us Floridians, we know that the humidity levels are going to be high, and the temperature outside is going to be high as well, especially in the summer. Setting your humidistat correctly will enable the humidistat and thermostat to work hand in hand with your AC unit .

Your settings will mostly be based on what the weather is outside. For the summer months, the best recommendation is to set the Humidistat to 60% when you are not home and the thermostat to about 80 degrees, your humidistat will always override your thermostat. (You never want to set your home higher than 60%, that is what can cause mold to grow in your home) Once the Relative Humidity in the home reaches 60% or the temperature reaches 80 Degrees, then the AC will kick on. It’s that simple!

As you can see controlling the humidity in your home is key in staying comfortable and cool during those summer months! Don’t hesitate to call us at Best Home Services with any questions or concerns on managing the humidity in your home!

Wishing you a cool and enjoyable summer!!

*This blog was written by Kim Marie in our customer service department.

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