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Mar 14 2018

Game Server, Voice Server, and Bouncer – instantly online

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Nitrado Cloud Servers are available now!

The wait is finally over: After two years of development and an extensive beta phase, Nitrado is happy to announce the official launch of its new Cloud Server product. Originally we wanted to talk about Nitrado’s smartphone apps this week, but there’s something more important to talk about: Nitrado Cloud Servers are now available for orders! What’s a Cloud Server? Cloud Servers host a complete operating system, which means Windows Server or one of many Linux distributions. While other Nitrado products aim towards offering a single service with an easy-to-use interface (like a gam

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Jul 19th, 05:22 pm

The NitrAPI: Nitrado’s programming interface for ordering, managing and controlling services

Jun 27th, 08:08 pm

CounterStrike: GO – New Update August 1, 2017

Minecraft Snapshot 17W17A Released – A snapshot for Minecraft version 1.12 has been released. It contains some changes and optimizations. Minecraft Snapshot 17W17A What’s New? Added lots of new advancements and moved existing ones around Gave terracotta blocks unique colors on the map Tweaks to the difficulty of the Illusioner Reverted the purple shulker color, sorry about that! New s

PRIVATE ARK SERVERS FOR CONSOLES – COMING SOON! – Setting up a private ARK server on PC is something you can do easily with Nitrado since day 1! But what about starting all over again with PS4 and XBOX ONE consoles? ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS WE ARE? So many of you have asked us and every day, we have the same request “Can I rent an ARK server for a console?” We are now thrilled to tell you that now:

The NitrAPI: Nitrado’s programming interface for ordering, managing and controlling services – Like all Nitrado products, the Nitrado Public Cloud can be easily managed with the Nitrado Web Interface. For hobbyists, modders, and professional developers there’s also another way: The Nitrado API (short NitrAPI) allows the control of arbitrary services automatically, for instance for ordering, cancelling, or embedding information into your own

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