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Mar 14 2018

Get Free Quote today for loans, equity release and Insurance quotes

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Secured Loan

If you are looking to borrow money by securing it on an asset of yours, a secured loan is the best option. Let us find you the most appropriate secured loan for your financial situation.

Unsecured Loan

It can be difficult to obtain an unsecured personal loan. We will do our best to suite your needs.

Logbook Loan

If you have a low credit rating and are in need of money urgently we can help you get a logbook loan.


Low Rates!

Life Insurance

Life insurance is indispensable for you and your loved ones. Don’t take the risk of leaving nothing to your family. Apply for a life policy and let us explore the most affordable option for you on the market!

Medical Insurance

Health care costs can add up extremely fast. Opting for a medical insurance coverage can save you from lifetime burden to you and your family and could even save your life in unexpected medical emergencies.

Income Protection Insurance

Would you be able to support yourself and your family in the event that an accident would make you unable to work? Income protection insurance can cover this type of situation. Let us find you the most affordable income protection quote on the market for your situation!

About Us

We know what it takes to help clients get what they need!

Trustedfinancials.co.uk is an online insurance and loan quote platform. We facilitate and make accessible to UK clients offered financial services available across the country. Matching needed services with clients demand is our job.

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