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Mar 15 2018

Hospice Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Catholic Hospice Pittsburgh, hospice touch.#Hospice #touch

hospice touch

Hospice touchHospice touchHospice touch

Our Prayer

Personal Attention, You Have a Choice!

This time of life is an invaluable time for living! A time for both personal and spiritual growth spent with loved ones family and friends.

At Catholic Hospice Palliative Services, we never lose sight of the person behind the illness. We help individuals feel that they matter, that they are cared for, and that even with illness they can still make a valuable contribution to the lives of their families and loved ones.

Unlike the majority of hospices serving the Pittsburgh area, Catholic Hospice Palliative Services is a not-for-profit hospice program. This allows Catholic Hospice Palliative Services team members the opportunity to focus on the patient, and not the bottom line. Catholic Hospice Palliative Services serves people of all faiths, embracing the whole person – body, mind and soul.

Founded by hospice professionals who truly understand the sacred journey of their patients, Catholic Hospice Palliative Services believes that, much like the care we receive as newborns when entering this world, we deserve the same love, care and comfort at end of life. It’s about focusing on the quality of life each and every day.

Message from our founder…

Hospice touch

When Dame Cicely Saunders, mother of the modern day hospice movement, began her work to construct the first modern hospice in England during the 1960s, it was truly an extension of her calling that began decades earlier when she met a patient who changed her life forever.

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