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Sep 18 2018

Hospice – Redwood Area Hospital, how does hospice work.#How #does #hospice #work


Hospice care provides comfort and support for terminally ill people of any age How does hospice workand their families.

Hospice affirms living life to the fullest and emphasizes symptom and pain control as well as comfort and support for the people living with a terminal condition.

Redwood Area Hospital hospice staff advocates for and assists in meeting the needs of patients and their caregivers, and offers support and understanding to those who have experienced the death of a loved one.

We work to educate professionals, volunteers, and the general public about Hospice care.

Hospice care begins when a patient’s life expectancy is six months or less, a decision has been made to forgo active curative treatment, or when further treatments are no longer tolerable, or all options have been exhausted.

When a referral for Hospice care is received, a a hospice team member will explain the Hospice program to the client and their family and work with them to determine if they are ready to begin care. The care coordinator will also talk with the family physician about the client’s care referral.

When a decision to receive Hospice care is made, the client will be admitted to the hospice program and an interdisciplinary team (registered nurse, hospice aide, social worker , volunteer and chaplain will work with the client and family to create a care plan based on their unique needs.

Hospice care is usually provided in the home so that the terminally ill client may be a part of the daily activities. This allows for families to share in the care of their loved one.

Hospice care can also be given at a family member’s home or a nursing home. If the needs of the client or family cannot be met at home, special arrangements can be made by talking with the Hospice nurse.

Hospice nurses are just a phone call away 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

What does hospice provide?

Hospice care is a team approach. The client’s doctor and interdisciplinary team (registered nurse, registered nurse, hospice aide, social worker , volunteer and chaplain) work together to provide individualized care for each client.

The Hospice team looks for the best ways to meet the physical, spiritual, and psychosocial needs of the client and family.

Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses make visits to the home to assess symptoms and supervise care. They provide treatments, direct care and bring in equipment such as a wheelchair, electric bed or walker.

Hospice aides assist with bathing, dressing, and grooming tasks. Hospice volunteers can spend time with the Hospice client so that the family caregivers can take needed time for themselves.

All visits are based on the condition of the patient during the course of illness. Care is available on call after office hours. The frequency of visits by volunteers and spiritual care is often dependent upon the family request and the availability of these services.

Hospice services also include:

  • Emotional support and counseling
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Pastoral care-counseling
  • “On call” nurse 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week
  • Bereavement follow-up

How does hospice workFinancial arrangements

The Redwood Area Hospital Hospice is a certified Medicare Hospice Benefit Provider. Medicare eligible clients can choose expanded home care and inpatient services through the use of this benefit.

Other possible methods of payment include Medical Assistance, Private Insurance, Veteran’s Administration and private pay.

There are funds available for persons that have no financial reimbursement source. Some of the services offered through Hospice are supported by grants, donations and memorials.

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