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May 30 2017

How Much is an Airline Ticket for Dogs? #cheapest #tickets

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How Much is an Airline Ticket for Dogs?

Pet Airways provides airline tickets for dogs on pet-only flights. (Photo: David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images )

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Pet owners traveling domestically or internationally with their dogs have several options available when selecting an airline ticket for their pet. Select airlines allow dogs to fly in the passenger cabins or as checked luggage for a fee, though the animal must meet the airline’s restrictions. In most cases, the cost for a dog’s ticket varies based on the airline, flight length and size of the animal.

In-Cabin Dogs

Small dogs, typically those able to fit comfortably in a pet carrier stored under an aircraft seat, are able to travel in the passenger cabin on several airlines. The fee for in-cabin pets varies by airline. As of publication United, Delta and American Airlines charge $125 for flights in the United States and most international flights in North America; Spirit Airlines charges $100 for domestic flights; Southwest requires payment of $75 for each in-cabin pet; and AirTran’s pet fee is $69. Most airlines require advance reservations for pet travel, and in some cases taxes and fees are added to the cost of the dog’s in-cabin ticket.

Dogs as Checked Baggage

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