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May 28 2017

How to advertise your home or investment property for sale #real #estate #charleston #sc

#real estate advertising

Advertising Your Property

Online advertising stats facts

Most buyers search for property online. See how the numbers work in your favour on the biggest property site in Australia.

Advertising on realestate.com.au

Potential buyers use online as their main tool to find property, so it s important to ensure your property is seen on the biggest, most popular site in Australia.

Capturing buyers on the go

Potential buyers are searching on the go 24/7. How to ensure your property can be seen anywhere.

How much should I spend on online real estate advertising?

To get the best sale price, you need to expose your property to as many potential buyers as possible. Tips on getting the best bang for your dollar.

What is a real estate advertsing schedule?

Online is the biggest search tool for buyers, so make sure your property can be seen where it counts.

Why use video when selling your home?

Property hunters searching for property on realestate.com.au can now watch your video as easily as viewing the photos on the photo carousel.

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