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May 28 2017

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Virginia #sotheby #real #estate

#become a real estate agent

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Real Estate Coursework

You must complete 60 hours of the board-approved Principles Practice of Real Estate course. Courses are taught by various approved providers, and you can take them online or in the classroom, depending on the service provider. DPOR has a full list of course providers on its website .


You’ll have to take a two-part exam, which is administered daily by PSI, a private examination service. The company has an online bookstore where you can get books and reference materials to help you prepare, and you can take a practice test, which includes feedback.

Before taking the exam, you need approval from the Virginia Real Estate Board, and you’ll have a pay an examination fee, which was $60 as of March 2015. The Virginia state portion of the exam is 45 minutes and the national portion is 105 minutes. You must pass the exam before you can apply for your real estate salesperson license.

Criminal Background

PSI also provides fingerprinting services, which you’ll need. You must submit your fingerprints to Virginia Central Criminal Records Exchange for a criminal background check before you apply for your license. Check PSI’s website for the fingerprinting location nearest you. The service cost is $67 as of March 2015. Fingerprint results are only valid for 45 days, so don’t hold them beyond that or you’ll have to get fingerprinted again.

The license application will also ask about criminal convictions and violations of fair housing laws. Details are requested for yes responses, and individuals with housing law violations must submit official documentation, such as the final court order or conciliation agreement. Your signature certifies that the details you provided are true and that you haven’t hidden any information. And if you’re working for a real estate firm, the principal or supervising broker must also sign your application and provide his Virginia real estate license number.

Applying for Your License

You must apply for your license within a year of passing your exam; otherwise, you’ll have to retake the test. The application fee is $170 as of March 2015. In addition to your personal details, you need information about all current and expired licenses issued by DPOR and any real estate licenses or certificates you’ve ever received outside of Virginia. You’ll also need information about the company you work for if you want an active license. Without this information, your license will be inactive and you won’t be able to practice. Becoming a member of the National Association of Realtors will give you the designation of Realtor.

Reciprocity Applicants

Individuals applying by reciprocity must have completed at least 60 hours of a course similar to Principles Practice of Real Estate and must submit documentation with their application proving it. If they have not, they must take the course. DPOR’s website lists the educational requirements for those who need to compare their previous coursework. Reciprocity applicants don’t have to retake the national portion of the real estate exam, but they are required to take the state portion.

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