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Dec 28 2017

How to Make Homemade Weapons out of Everyday Objects

Whether you’re playing with your siblings or starting an inter-cubicle war, some homemade weapons can be a fun way to exercise your creativity and hand out a solid butt whooping! wikiHow presents a few ideas below but the possibilities are endless so remember the most important rules: be creative and keep trying! Get started with Step 1 below or see the sections listed above to learn how to build everything from a battle axe to nunchucks!

Steps Edit

Method One of Three:
Paper Crossbow Edit

Gather your materials. You’ll need several sheets of printer paper, regular tape, duct tape, Popsicle sticks, a pencil, strong twine, a ruler, an x-acto knife, and scissors.

Make the arms. Take 4 sheets of printer paper and cut them in half along the long line. Roll each set of collated 4 into a tube (with a pencil at the center) from short side to short side. Tape the tube closed at three points along the barrel and then remove the pencil.

Make the barrel. Take 5 sheets of paper, collate them, and wrap them short end to short end into a tube with a pencil at the center once again. Tape the rube in several places and then remove the pencil.

Insert the arm supports. Cut two 1.5″ sections of Popsicle stick and place it in the end of the tube so that the end is flush with the opening and mark 1.5″ from that end of the tube on the outside of the barrel. Finally, insert a Popsicle stick in the opposite end and at a 90 degree turn from the other stick and place a single layer of duct tape around the whole barrel to keep it from breaking. Bend the arms at the 1.5″ mark you made.

Attach the arms. Pinch the end of the barrel and then place the short sections of the arms on either side of the pinched end. Duct tape them into place. Make sure the connection is very tight and strong.

String the crossbow. Use a bowline knot to attach the far ends of the bow together. Attach it to one side, secure with tape, pull the string about 1″ beyond the end of the other side, and then attach that side and secure it as well.

Add the trigger. Pull the bow back until it makes a square shape with the arms. Mark the point on the barrel where the center of the string reaches and place your trigger at that location. Use the x-acto knife to cut a hole straight through the barrel. Cut the end off of a Popsicle stick, split it down the middle, and place it through the hole to create the trigger. It should be able to wiggle back and forth a bit, and be long enough to extend out from the barrel on either side of the hole.

  • If you’re a kid, get help from an adult with this. It’s very easy to stab yourself or cut your finger off!

Build the guides. Cut a single sheet of paper in half along the long line and roll two tubes. Flatten them and tape them in place along either side of the trigger. Then take another strip of single sheet, this time in quarters rather than halves, and roll a tube which you will place between the arms of the crossbow. Make sure a pencil fits easily through this tube.

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