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Sep 9 2017

How to Use a Touch Up Car Paint Pen. #car #websites

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How to Use a Touch Up Car Paint Pen

A touch up car paint pen is a pen that dispenses auto paint through a fine felt tip of a pen-like barrel. Most touch up car paint pens use urethane paint, which most manufacturers use as well. Using a touch up car paint pen makes it easier to repair any chips, scratches or damages to your car paint.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Touch up car paint pen
  • Paint primer
  • Sandpaper
  • Rag
  • Soap and water
  • Wax/grease remover

Step 1 Clean the Car

Cleaning your car thoroughly is the first step to any car paint touch up. Clean your car using soap and water. Make sure that you dry off any excess water before you start with your paint job.

Remove any wax or grease by using a commercial wax remover. Just apply a small amount on the damaged area, making sure you spread the remover on all the affected areas. Wipe the excess remover off the surface once you re done.

Apply the primer on the area with bare metal only. Make sure to apply a light coat of primer. Give the primer time to cure before proceeding to the next step.

Prepare the area that needs touched up by sanding it. Only sand the area that has been damaged. Sand the primed area but make sure not to sand below the next layer of paint.

Step 5 Test the Pen

There are two types of car paint pens available one that already has paint and the other where you need to put in paint. Whichever type of pen you purchased, you need to test it before you use it on your car. This is to ensure that the pen is working properly and the paint will not run once you apply it on the surface of the car.

Step 6 Preparing the Touch up Car Paint Pen

For a touch up paint pen with paint, all you need to do is shake the paint until you hear the metal ball inside. When you hear the metal ball rattle, remove the cap and lightly press it on the area that needs touching up.

If you need to put in paint in your pen, make sure that you put the steel mixing ball into the pen first. Mix the appropriate amount of paint and thinner into a disposable mixing container. When you are happy with the pain mixture, pour the mixture into the pen. Do not overfill the pen, allowing the ball to move.

Shake the pen to allow the thinner to mix in with the pain properly. Insert the tip into the valve assembly and then place a cap over it. Insert the entire assembly into the tube. Tap it gently downwards so the valve rests against the rim of the tube. Hold the pen upright and depress the tip slightly to release any air pressure.

Step 7 Using the Touch Up

To use the touch up car paint pen, just depress it onto the area that needs touching up. Always hold the pen at an angle to avoid any spills.

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