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Mar 13 2018

https://www.postalexperience.com/pos USPS Customer Survey

Do you want to help improve the operations at your local postal service? One of the ways you can provide feedback that will be considered is to complete the online U.S. Postal Service Customers Experience Questionnaire. Details about this customer survey can be found on your US Post Office receipt. Just look at the receipt and the website address which is www.postalexperience.com/pos will be provided that will direct you to the USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey.

USPS Receipt Survey

The actual postal survey does not take a long time to complete. You will be asked questions along with multiple choice answers just asking your opinion about your entire experience at your local postal service. Questions are geared around what you purchased, how were you treated as a customer and how long was your wait before being served.

Your honestly is requested as you answer the questions. With the feedback they receive from customers they can use some of the answers to help make necessary changes to keep customers using the USPS for all of their mailing needs.

When you get started completing the survey you will need to have handy your most recent post office receipt. On the receipt there is a 4 digit code printed near the top of the receipt. This information is needed for inputting during the survey. The rest of the questions asked are self explanatory. It won’t take but a few minutes to complete the survey but you’ll be doing the USPS a good service by providing excellent feedback. The postal receipt should direct you to the https://postalexperience.com/pos link.

Post Office Customer Survey

Before actually starting the US Postal Service survey visitors will need to answer these questions first then they ll proceed to the survey part.

  1. Select your preferred language, English or Spanish.
  2. Enter zip code
  3. Select the location of your last USPS purchase
  4. Enter the date of your transaction from the top of the paper receipt

The survey questions are catered around your actual customer experience inside the last post office you made a purchase at. They are centered around the USPS personnel that you interacted with and how you felt about the level of service they provided you. There are also questions concerning the atmosphere and cleanliness of the post office location as well. Survey takers should be honest and answer the questions knowing that their feedback will encourage a smoother running post office location.

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