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May 27 2017


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Advertise your property with International Real Estate Companies

The best Service for Realtors and particulars vendors!

You have reached one of the real estate advertising portals that make up the International Real Estate Alliance (IREA-AII ). We specialize on international real estate marketing, and due to our integration in the IREA we can offer real estate agencies and private vendors superior worldwide publicity.

Want to sell or rent properties ?

. Sell your home by owner by using Internet

If you want to sell your home faster, we recommend you to sell by your own, and advertise your home on the Web. What you want is selling your property in a short time, at the highest price possible, and saving money on commissions or an agent’s fee.

. You advertise on over 1000 Websites paying only for one!

Our unique multiple-listing service allows agents and vendors to advertise on over 1122 websites for the price of listing on one. It is as easy as registering with us here at 4-real-estate.com, and you will automatically see your property on all 1122 IREA real estate portals .

Pay only 40 Dollars for selling your property!

For a one-off fee you can list one, or several properties for a whole year and using our service your clients will contact you directly via online messaging, email or telephone. You won’t have to pay any commission to a real estate’s agent. You just pay a 40 dollars one-fee for a year of publication! There s no service like this on the Web!

8 Millions of visitors per week

At any given time of day there are thousands of potential buyers browsing IREA listings make sure they browse yours! Your Ad will be online for a year, and it will receive the most important exposure on the Web. This is the most effective marketing tool for advertising a home in United States.

We advertise your property on Google number 1

Once you advertise with IREA-AII, your Ad will be ranked on the Google Page 1, and many visitors will see your property for sale or rent in United States. If someone is searching a “home for sale in Florida”, your Ad will appear at the very first results of search.



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