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Feb 26 2018

Iowa STEM Home

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Against comparison states, Iowa’s gains in STEM-related graduates stand out as outstanding. The growth is well ahead of the national average of 22 percent and ranks first among the benchmark states which averaged 20 percent degree growth since 2009.
– Iowa’s Re-Envisioned Economic Development Roadmap, 2014

In the fifth year of STEM Scale-Up, the STEM Council has partnered with nearly every school district in our state, which shows the amazing growth and outreach STEM has had in the last four years.
– Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, Co-Chair of the STEM Council

How do we make kids understand they can succeed, make money and stay in Iowa but also change the world and make a difference in a lot of people’s lives? It’s a big task, but it’s one that makes me proud to be on the STEM Council.
– Rachel Hurley, Monsanto, STEM Council Member

We can work together better through communication and the realization that perhaps our education model needs adjustment. We need to settle on one purpose, our goal of preparing ALL students for their future and equip them properly.
– Mike Jensen, Dubuque High School, 2014 Teacher Extern

Today’s students that pursue STEM careers are modern-day superheroes. They save lives, protect our world, and create a far better society for all, using principles embedded in STEM. That is the real superpower.

– Aditi Rao, Student at Cedar Falls High School

Submit your STEM BEST® proposal by September 15, 2017

‘Fast-Track Iowa’s Future’ Conference a success

More than 550 community leaders from all sectors of Iowa assembled at the Events Center in Des Moines on June 21 to learn, develop and grow localized school-business partnerships with the goal of.

Iowa businesses featured on STEM career billboards

A family’s summer road trip across Iowa may just inspire the next aerospace engineer, botanist, industrial machinist, chemist or other high-demand STEM career professional thanks to the help of.


STEM BEST® is a win-win-win. It creates projects for students to explore their passions. It opens doors for businesses to contribute to career.

Externship helps STEM teacher tie real-world concepts to ‘virtual’ careers

Design Mill, Inc. in Dubuque provides an emergent line of work, creating virtual reality experiences of warehouses for industrial clients.

Record-setting summer on the horizon for Teacher Externships

It started off with 10 Teacher Externs in 2009. A small cohort of intrepid Iowa teachers would be the first of hundreds to experience an Iowa STEM.

Iowa STEM BEST Partner brings STEM reality to the classroom

“It’s making learning real.”

This is how Wendy Martin, a science teacher at Assumption High School in Davenport, talks about how her school’s STEM BEST partnership with VictoryVR, a Quad.

Iowa well-represented at international FIRST® Championship

The ultimate goal for some 52,000 teams participating in FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) across the globe from 86 countries is navigating the qualifying.

STEM Prominent in Scaling Work-Based Learning

Since late 2015, a core team of Iowans representing a broad spectrum of agencies has been working in concert with peers in five other states to scale work-based learning (WBL) in high-demand.

Welcome, new STEM Council members

Under the leadership of STEM Council Co-Chairs Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds and Kemin Industries President and CEO Dr. Chris Nelson, the 47-member STEM Council represents key stakeholders from across.

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