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May 3 2018

IP Camera

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Intro to IP Cameras

IP cameras are Digital and connect via Cat5 (Networking) Cable

IP cameras are digital cameras.

Cat5 Cable, as shown in the image to the left, is the cable used in creating computer networks. With an IP camera system, this one wire caries both your video data and your power. The power is added by the NVR (if you made a home run and are using our Networker Pro POE models, which has built-in POE ports) or you can use a POE injector or POE switch to power your cameras at convenient locations.

The resolution of IP cameras is measured in Megapixels and they record in HD and Beyond

Because IP cameras are digital cameras you measure their resolution in megapixels rather than TV Lines. TV Lines is the measurement of old 1980’s-TV quality cameras.

Our IP cameras come in four resolution options: 2.0MP which shoots at 1080P, 3.0 MP (which is 1.5x 1080P). 4K (which is 4x 1080P), and 12 MP (6x1080P).

You record an IP camera with a NVR. Some NVRs on the market are really terrible (and can’t record HD footage on every channel), but all of ours can record at least 1080P at 30 FPS without any framerate or camera limitations.

Sample Footage from Our 1080P IP Cameras

Why People Choose High Definition IP Cameras

1. Better Resolution: 1080P to 4K

The main selling point of IP cameras is the increased resolution.

HD quality recording makes identifying faces and license plates much, much easier than standard definition. Although IP cameras are more expensive, HD recording can also mean that you don’t need to purchase as many cameras to properly secure an area, since you can record at a wider angle and still get footage that can identify suspects and be used in court.

2. Plug Play Ease of Use

With our line of Vanguard and Vanguard Pro POE NVRs and our SCW IP Cameras you’ll have no trouble installing and configuring the cameras. Just plug the single Cat5 cable into the NVR’s POE ports, and the NVR will setup, manage, and power the cameras for you.

One cable and you’re done.

3. Video Analytics

Video analytics is a series of technologies that automatically analyzes video to detect and determine events not based on a single image but upon the change in the video stream.

Our NVRs have basic video analytics such as motion detection and email alerts built into the units. PC, Mac, Andorid, Kindle Fire, and iOS software is also included free.

Optional Upgrade: Our new line of IntelliPro cameras have additional built in video analytics like Face Detection, Missing/Left Object Detection, and Restricted Access Zone Alerts.

Some video analytics options are only available on certain cameras because they require additional hardware, but all video analytics and remote viewing are included without any monthly or yearly fees whatsoever.

Zero Monthly Fees

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