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Jan 23 2018

Kaplan University Reviews – Is it a good college, kaplan college transcripts.#Kaplan #college #transcripts


Kaplan University Reviews

Kaplan college transcripts

Student Graduate Reviews (332)

Some instructors are terrible constant conflicting information, programs do not work. Also the online sight is very confusing and grading terrible. Linux never works on my computer and writing class should be based off the instructor than the course materials, this is what I was graded on.

I graduated with 5 presidents awards, 4 Dean Lists and a GPA of 3.4, have not been able to get a job. This is not considered a accredited college/university. I was a single mother of 2 and worked full time while going to school expecting more when I graduated, but that has not happened however I am expected to pay back 68k in student loans. I have not problems if I was making more but I am not and cannot get into the field I went to school for. So many have been scammed. They should not be able to state that they are accredited when they are not.

I really enjoyed attending KU. I was able to complete my BS in health admin. I had no problems with enrollment, or financial aid. Everything went well. I liked the fast pace classes. It was difficult at first, but Once I got a routine down I enjoyed school. What I liked the most about the classes is that they gave you all the information, ie..answers to questions during class connect. It was then up to me to read, and explain what I have learned, ie..how the answer is incorporated with the lesson being taught. I remember there was a lot of reading. I can’t count how many highlighters I went through. Overall very satistied.

Stay away from this school, I was attending for a good 3 weeks and from the jump the signs were not good, although the advisors were excellent , the financial aid team was horrible, had to call them just to make sure they were processing documents , I would upload documents and one minute they are received and then approved and accepted and the next it’s incomplete and I have to go reprint and re submit all over again which is very frustrating , but what made me not want to have anything to do with this institution is when my laptop friend on me and 3 days after being in constant communication with my professor and logging into the classroom on my mobile device and submitting one assignment I log on to see my seminar and all my classes had been dropped and I was no longer enrolled , I called and expressed what happened and had hard proof of communicating with professor and her saying it was ok for me to turn my work in later that week because of my laptop I was told there was nothing they could do about it and I would have to wait until next term to enroll, I was furious because not only did I loose the work I already did (with it being a 10 week class , 3 weeks worth of work was a lot ) for my 2 classes, but I would have to delay my degree progress , this school is all about money and not the students , I don’t advise anyway to enroll here ,as soon as i withdrew I started at ashford university same day , experience has been more than fantastic. Please please run away from this school while you can.

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