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Jan 13 2018

Knute Nelson – Services – Hospice Care, history of hospice care.#History #of #hospice #care

Hospice Care

Knute Nelson Hospice strives to make every day matter, make every day comfortable, and make every day as joyful as possible for our patients who are living with a terminal or life limiting illness. Our primary focus is on managing the patient s pain and troubling symptoms, while providing the emotional and spiritual support needed to help them live their life comfortably.

Our Hospice team is made up of professionals from a number of different disciplines. Each bring their own area of expertise and perspective to providing holistic care to the patient and their family. Your own primary Physician will work closely with the Hospice Medical Director and nursing staff to manage pain and troubling symptoms, prescribe medications, and oversee the patient’s care.

Our Hospice team includes:

  • Registered Nurses continually asses the patient and their family in order to determine their individual needs, maintain their comfort, teach skills to caregivers, coordinate additional team members as necessary, and generally support the patient and family.
  • Home Health Aides help with activities of daily living and provide personal care such as bathing and showering, along with emotional support.
  • Therapists provide physical, occupational or speech therapy as part of the approved plan of care to help reduce pain or alleviate symptoms related to the hospice diagnosis.
  • Social Workers coordinate resources within the community, help ease emotional or family challenges, and help the patient and family with future planning. They are also available to provide grief support to family members before and after the loss of their loved one.
  • Chaplains provide spiritual care to the patient and their family, and collaborate with the patient’s own clergy to meet their spiritual needs. Hospice chaplains honor and respect all spiritual philosophies.
  • Hospice Volunteers are able to provide respite care for the family, companionship, help with household chores or child care and provide administrative support at the Hospice office.

The Hospice team meets regularly to ensure seamless communication, coordination of care, and that the needs of the whole family are being addressed.

Knute Nelson Hospice provides care wherever the individual calls home whether that s in a private residence, assisted living community, adult foster care, or skilled care center. You can expect good communication between our caregiving team and yours, to make sure that the patient receives the best possible care.

Hospice services are covered by Medicaid and Medicare, Veterans benefits plans, and almost all private insurance policies. No patient is denied care based on inability to pay or coverage status.

Knute Nelson Hospice covers over 20 counties in the West Central Region of Minnesota.

Common Indicators for Hospice

Spread to other organs

No longer seeking treatment

Lack of bowel or bladder control

Inability to dress or feed oneself

Loss of meaningful speech

Consistent weight loss

Decreased physical functioning

Loss of muscle use

Weight loss Congestive Heart Failure

Shortness of breath at rest

Chronic fluid build-up

Shortness of breath at rest

Lack of bowel and bladder control

Inability to dress or feed oneself

Consistent weight loss

Severe fluid build-up and swelling

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