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Aug 2 2017

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Lakewood, CO Chiropractor | Chiropractor in Lakewood, CO

“Chiropractic care is more than just making the pain disappear. It is about learning, understanding and taking care of your body to improve your quality of life.”

At Carmichael Chiropractic, we’re committed to administering quality care to all our patients. On your first visit to our office, we’ll start working to devise a specialized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. Whether your priority is healing from an injury, eliminating chronic pain or simply maintaining good health, we’re here to help.

The patients at Carmichael Chiropractic come seeking treatment for a variety of conditions.

Back pain. People can live with back pain for years without getting proper treatment. Medications only mask the pain without addressing the root cause. Chiropractic care can relieve you of your symptoms and prevent further damage.

Stress headaches. Tension headaches are often caused by the tightening of muscles around the neck and scalp. With spinal adjustments and proper relaxation techniques, you can relieve some of that tension and help eliminate your pain.

Automobile injuries. Automobile injuries can have a traumatic effect on the muscles, joints and ligaments, leading to whiplash and other musculoskeletal conditions. Chiropractic care uses a variety of techniques to relieve the associated pain and restore full functionality to affected parts of the body.

Sports injuries. Sports conditions are much like auto injuries. Collisions and falls during sports can cause muscle pain, tears in the ligaments and even whiplash. Chiropractic care can keep athletes involved in their favorite activities while restoring functionality and range of motion.

What techniques do we use?

Spinal adjustments. Spinal adjustments can relieve your pain and restore balance to your body.

Restorative and therapeutic exercises. We’ll teach you how to do exercises in your own time to help you continue your chiropractic therapies even when you’re not in the office.

Preventative care. Nutritional counseling, lifestyle adjustments and postural screenings can all help you stay healthy and ward off injuries and chronic pain.

How can you get started?

Before treatment can begin, Dr. Carmichael must first determine whether or not chiropractic care is right for you. In your first visit to Carmichael Chiropractic, Dr. Jon Paul Carmichael will evaluate your condition and talk to you about your symptoms. If you’re a good fit for chiropractic treatment, Dr. Carmichael will help you develop a customized plan to meet your unique needs.

Not sure that Carmichael Chiropractic is right for you? Take a look at our testimonials page to find out how our other patients feel about our services. We’re proud of our reputation in the Lakewood area and we welcome you to try our practice.

Get started today.

To find out more, contact Carmichael Chiropractic today. Visit our contact page and request an an appointment online, or call at (303) 984-1700 and speak with our experienced team members. We’ll answer any questions you might have and help you set up your first appointment with our chiropractor.

We look forward to helping you on the road to wellness.

Dr. Jon Paul Carmichael
Lakewood Chiropractor | Carmichael Chiropractic | (303) 984-1700

3214-B S Wadsworth Blvd
Lakewood, CO 80227-5012

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