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May 28 2017

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My travel experience started at the airport of Stansted. It was pretty much easy to arrive to central London as the airport provides a direct bus connection. Once I arrived at the Baker Street I wanted to take the underground to go to my hostel which was in New cross gate. As soon as I saw the underground map I thought that I could never orientate myself in this big city. After a couple of minutes of desperately trying to understand the map a man came up to me and explained me how to read it and how to get to new cross gate.

  • 1 st tip: if you don’t know how to move in London don’t be afraid to ask! Most of the people are willing to help!

In the evening I finally arrived at my hostel, the people there were really nice but honestly the hostel was horrible. The rooms were dirty and the bathroom was full of mold. But it was cheap so I decided to make the best out of it. In fact, the hostel was close to a pub which played live music, from young musicians, every evening. And even if  I stopped by  there by myself, I  got to know  a lot of really interesting people.

  • 2 nd tip: if you are looking for a cheap accommodation try to find something out of the first zone.

There are a myriad of places you can visit in London. Most of them are really recommendable but some are just too expensive for what you can get. The best example for that is the London eye. My favorite places were Camden Town and Piccadilly Circus, which I think are 2 of the things you should do in London. But I don’t want to talk about all the attractions you can visit but more about what makes London so beautiful. The answer is simple: the people. At first they seemed a little bit strange but then I got to know some of these  “strange” people and  I learned a lot about them. They are open minded and kind. The main thing I was so fascinated about, was that they are simply themselves and they believe in their dreams even if they seems impossible.

  • 3 rd tip: don’t focus to much on the attractions but try to understand the London lifestyle.

So if you up for an adventure in a big city and you want to collect crazy memories you should definitely go to London.

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