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Nov 30 2017

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If your sewer lateral needs repair or replacement, and is located in the public right-of-way, you are required to get a sewer permit.

As a bonded sewer contractor by the City of Los Angeles, we can pull the permit for you.

We make the sewer permit process simple, fast and up to code.

What can you expect to hear when you need us to clear a main line drain clog and you don t have a clean out access or sewer clean out?

For starters, a higher service bill for additional labor time.

Imagine if you could finance expensive plumbing repair bills without touching you home equity line or credit cards.

And best of all, not have to make any payments or pay interest for 6-months, 12-months or 18 months!

See if you qualify for a loan today.

Just because today is St. Patrick s Day doesn t mean the luck of the Irish will be with you if try using a cheap plunger to clear a drain clog.

Learn how to tell the difference of a cheap plunger versus a quality plunger without counting on Irish luck or holding a four-leaf clover.

Detecting a gas leak is something best left to our plumbers who use state-of-the-art detection technology to locate gas leaks (as well as monitor any toxic gas levels).

Don’t be a victim of a gas leak accident in your home or office. Be safe and schedule a gas leak detection monitoring service from us today.

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